The One Hundred and Sixty-First Post: The One Where I Play Hooky Since No One I Work With Reads This Anyways…

Well, I did it. I called in with a “plumber emergency” (not entirely false… I’m getting an estimate to have the floor and tub replaced) and I am going to take this day off because, let’s face it – I want to breathe. If anyone were to ask me how I feel when I am at work, I tell them that I feel like I’m drowning. So, I am sneaking out of the pool for an hour to get a snack and a drink. Yes, I am going out to lunch and maybe even dinner tonight. While I am getting another official vacation in March, I really need a day off sooner than that. Some of you who read this will understand. I also got paid, so I am going to steadily build my iTunes TV library in preparation for cutting the cable at the end of the Games of Thrones season. I need a hard deadline for that. The whooshing sound they make is relaxing to me.

Last night, I had a sudden will to work and I edited a couple more pages of the novel. I am now almost halfway through and I am going to write a little more on After Ever and try to finish up that little episode. I’m giving more thought to having that serialized, but I want to finish a whole season before I put it out there. I also need to find a model to do the cover art for After Ever – I have an idea, but I need to come up with a way to ask and not sound creepy. I know what you’re thinking: good luck with that. Thank you. I will need it. As far as the novel goes – I am going to try something: I am going to write a little side bit – try my best to keep the part that might have to be removed, but if it must come out, then I have something ready in its place. I know, I know… ‘murder your darlings’ and all that, but the scene that I am going to have to remove would make a couple of other scenes make no sense at all. Don’t worry, I will pull it off in the end.

I continue my efforts to not have to upgrade my phone in the event I have to cut bait with Adriana Lima. I took it into the shop and they ended up doing the unthinkable… and I didn’t realize how many programs I had in it until I looked at the cleaned out husk that was my phone’s memory. Some programs (Angry Birds) I can’t find in the market. Yes, I didn’t play those games that much, but it was the notion that I had them there. I also had to remove the texts from a good friend of mine that passed away recently, so there is a little bitterness in that. Well, it was a wash – I got this! Fight on, Spartan!

Well, I need to get some work done. Hope y’all have a good day.



Seething Apathy

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