The One Hundred and Sixty-Second Post: The One Where I Contemplate Hooky For A Brief Second…

The day off was nice. Consisting of me going out to eat, watching the latest episode of The Americans and getting another couple of pages of re-writes done. I am contemplating calling in again just to have another day off… but I don’t think I can afford it at this point. So, I will go back to work and try to muddle through for eight hours and get another two days off. I probably should think these things through a little better next time. 😀

As mentioned earlier, the novel continues along with the re-writes. I am going to write the insert tonight when I get home and try to eek past the halfway point. I’m hoping that with the insert, I can get the word count down a little. 70K is the average for a novel, but I am trying to get down a little bit just to make sure there’s no fluff, but if I put my nose back to the grindstone (eww). I should be on track to have this novel finished and at least presumably ready for publication – I’m going to hand it off to a couple of other people to have them look at it just to see if there is something else to be done before I declare it finished and let it loose into the cold, unfeeling world. After that, I am going to give I/O Error the joy of my full attention to get it done by my next deadline of the end of June. For this year I would like to finish up the already started projects before doing any brand new ones. After I/O Error, I am going to work on Spooksayer: Primum Movens and give that maybe a two quarter deadline just to make sure it’s the best it can be.

I am still enjoying the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. It’s a nice little nostalgic trip to take – of course; there are a lot of other things that I can appreciate about it. Looking back, it was the first time I had been exposed to the idea of subtext. Hank and Sheila were an item. We were never told that, but we could infer it. There are also a lot of little moments that I appreciated: that the characters grew in time – especially Presto. As you watch the show, he seems to get better with his hat. Eric – when the chips were down – could be counted on to make the right choice and that seemed to come easier for him as the series went on. If you ever get the chance, watch an episode or two. A lot of people may remember the cartoons of that era being nothing more than 30 minute commercials (let’s face it – this was a subtle one as well), but there are few cartoons from any era that have a very well written plot or script to it.

Well, I should shower, contemplate more hooky and get ready for work.

Hope your day is a lot better.



Seething Apathy

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