The One Hundred and Sixty-Ninth Post: Stop Giggling Like That…

Well, this is certainly something that will make me want to re-watch the series (not the prequels for God’s sake). I’m sorry that I have been lax in updating this blog. Things have been getting hairy at work and I am working on the novel to try to get it finished by the end of March. If I get lucky enough, I am going to have the three added chapters finished by the end of this week and send off the second draft to the volunteers (no, really – I politely asked them and they agreed… the fools…). I’ve fallen behind on several of my favorite shows – with Fox, that’s usually the kiss of death. Anyway – I have some biscuits and gravy with a side of coffee in me, so I am feeling a little better.

As I mentioned earlier, the novel is coming along. I am going to work to get the chapters finished and put into the novel with any luck by the end of the week. I like the turn at the end of the chapter I am working on now (‘Paid‘). It does reflect on Rhona’s set of morals – yes, she actually has some and we get an idea on how strong Anya’s sense of honor is. Personally, I will be happy when this is done and gone. I am itching to work on other projects and get other things published. I am working to make this my career, and I’ve been told that the back catalogue will be where most of the money will be made. So I need to work on that back catalogue. On the up side, I’ve got so much stuff in my head I don’t think I’ll be out of work anytime soon.

They tell me that this Wednesday is going to be the first day of Spring. We had snow in my location yesterday:

The perils of being non-migratory

While I love the cold weather, I am ready for Spring. This has been a rather bitter Winter and not that much in terms of snow. Of course, feel free to point this blog out to me when the Summer heat hits me like a hammer. I am not a fan of Summer, but I am hoping this year to have enough money to try to go to a local water park, or at least get to a hotel with a pool. On completely unrelated news… I preordered Bioshock: Infinite and I got a little surprise – Bioshock! I got the original game on my computer. Seriously, as far as scary games goes – Bioshock is one of the better ones, especially with the better graphics than the X-Box version. I knew the Splicers were disfigured, but on the PC… yuck! Wow. This game is one of my favorites – an honest story line, choices that have strong repercussions further down the game and several very cunning lessons in economics, philosophy and politics. I hope that Bioshock: Infinite will be a successor to the franchise.

Well, it’s time for more coffee and a shower.

Hope y’all have a good day.


Seething With Apathy

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