The One Hundred and Seventieth Post: The One Where I Ask You If You Missed Me…

Well – how to sum up the events of the past month… this. Yeah – it’s been a hectic month with me quitting and coming back to fewer hours (my choice) and trying to finish the novel (more on that later). Wow. It’s been a time of trials for me – but I don’t have it as bad as some people. I’ve also been out tending to friends in the aforementioned ‘as bad as some people’ department. I’m not sure if what I did helped any, but it was in earnest and in the desire to help – so either I helped like a good friend or I helped like a drug addled baboon.

The novel – it continues along with me hoping finishing the final re-written chapter by Friday and work this Saturday to finish the rest of the proof-reading. Sure, I’m a wee bit over my deadline, but since I have a lot of I/O Error already done, I am hoping that the head start will help me get to the new deadline: end of June to finish the rough draft. I am also looking at various webhosting sites and I’ve seen this one. I’m hoping that it will stay up until I get the novel finished and put there for purchase (point price for a 70K word novel: $5.00 – a fair price, don’t you think?) if you don’t want it on Kindle. Yes, this will keep me from having Amazon doing all the heavy lifting as far as advertising, but I want to have my work out there for everyone – not just the people who have Kindles (yes, I know that’s the majority, but I want to have more than one income stream). Gradually, everything is coming together… gradually in a geologic sense of the world.

I did cut the cable and I have Apple TV. It is somewhat of a godsend. Yes, $100.00 does get me quite a bit (2 seasons and maybe a movie). The downside… there is so much stuff out there that $100.00 is a drop in the bucket. If I could find a way of posting my Apple TV wish list, then you will see what I am looking for as far as films and TV shows, only to realize that I am going to hit $5K easily. Another small downside is that for all the stuff there is out there, there are shows that aren’t appearing or I will be a season behind (‘Person of Interest’ is not there and ‘Game Of Thrones’ is a season behind. HBO – if you had just a web subscription service, I would jump on that in a heartbeat – same for you Showtime). All in all – Apple TV works for me as far keeping up with my favorite shows, but when it comes to finding new ones, it is a bit lacking.

I hope to hear from you soon, and I will do my best to get back to daily updates about things.

I hope your day is well.



Seething Apathy

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