The One Hundred and Eighty-Second Post: The One Where I Just Seem To Move Slow Today…

Hello all – I know this is coming out a little later than usual, but I am just slow in getting my act together as it were. Rather than sitting down in front of the keyboard with breakfast in one hand and my Kindle in the other reading the news; I just sliced myself some lemon pudding cake and plopped down in front of the TV. I watched Stephen Colbert and one of my favorite music videos on iTunes before settling down to write. I’ve had my morning Pepsi and will zap a lunch-like object later on today, but it’s hard to get going in the morning. Maybe coffee should be implemented. Do I have any? I should check.

As far as the erotic literature smut is going along, I am finding it interesting writing. I just sit down and act out various fantasies in my head and put them to paper. Now, before anyone gets a hold of these things and makes this face I am going to say this as a pre-emptive disclaimer: I Am Not Actively Into What I Write. Let me be clear – I am writing some kinky things at the mental prompt of: what sounds interesting? As far as sex goes, I am doing this, which might be giving cause to what I am writing right now. Seriously (and here is a peek into my so-called normal life) – when I do have sex, I make vanilla look kinky. Parents! Do not let your children grow up in a repressive Catholic household! They will grow up to be horribly, horribly repressed writers, or worse – accountants. I am going to finish one by the end of the week – more than likely the aptly titled As Kinky as We Get.

This weekend, I am going to work on more writing and I am going to go see a movie and take myself out to dinner. I just don’t know if I want to go see Oblivion or After Earth. Both have actors I really enjoy watching, but I only have enough finds for one movie outing this week. I might see Oblivion because it’s Tom Cruise (say what you want about his whack-a-doo religious/philosophical beliefs – the man’s a damn good actor) and save After Earth for a little later. I also have some light housework to do, but that can wait until after the movie. This is why I don’t have people over – there are only so many films that I can watch before I actually break down and do housework. Seriously, Hollywood – get crackin’ as I might have a guest coming down at the end of the month and my place is a wreck.

Well, I should nuke up something for lunch and get to the kink as it were. I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but I have been on a campaign to lose weight. I am now at around 260 pounds, a considerable drop from 370 from the same time last year. All I have been doing is really, really restricting my caloric intake to under 2,300 calories a day – not hard when you eat pretty much nothing but cereal, Lean Cuisines and sandwiches and cut out all the popcorn (popcorn is a comfort food for me…well… all food is a comfort food for me, which is how I got here).

OK – off to smuttery. Hope everyone here has a good day.


Seething Apathy