The One Hundred and Eighty-Sixth Post: The One Where I Can’t Seem To Fluff My Chair Enough…

Hello, all – as you can tell by my post title, I am having a bit of a problem getting comfortable:

Now I bang my knees on the keyboard on top of having a sore caboose…I didn’t know writing would be fraught with such hazards.

I am considering getting an office chair…which means I would have to have an office.

Does anyone have a match I can borrow?

So…maybe during the weekend I can try to get this house straightened out a little bit and make it more useable as an office space. I might need more than one match then. Well – maybe not this weekend (I am going to go see this), but maybe over the course of next week I will try to get the room cleared out and reset a little to be more of an office and less of a ‘cast-off depot’. I might even get a new desk. I might even get an office. I might even get a secretary. But first, I might cut and burn away some things.

To writing – I am working on the outline for Tyro and it’s coming a lot faster. It might be the enthusiasm I have for this particular novel series. This is going to be one of the ‘tent pole’ series – the one I am really going to focus on… not to say that any of the other works are going to get less or more attention, but…the tent pole series are the ones that I feel the strongest about. The Ushabit Trilogy and the Spooksayer series (if I can get the first one finished) are the ones I really like. Most of the other one-shots are good, but they’re just a means to an end – like Ed Wood pitching “Plan 9” to the church to fund their Bible movies. Which reminds me, I should also work on the smut at some point. As expected – the schedule idea I had doesn’t really work for me:

Really? I know there are drugs to handle this, but I’m new to the neighborhood.

I think I’ll just do what’s best for me – working on something until I become disenchanted and switch to something else. It worked for Asimov, or so he said… then again – he has a book in every section of the library. I’ll get one in before I die.

Well – other than that there is nothing new here, so I should get to the outline. Hope y’all have a good day.



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