The One Hundred and Ninety-Second Post: Proof of Life Behind Enemy Lines

Hello, all. I am alive, believe it or not. I am still trying to get into the groove of consistently writing both blog and novel. I am hoping to get some feedback about a pattern I have been noticing lately. I will have a good writing day (the words come steady and my back doesn’t hurt as much) and I pound out the 1500 with no problem. The next day becomes a different tale. I struggle to get out even half that amount and my back bugs me. Never fails me that I’ll have a  good day followed by a bad day or two (Tuesday is completely my fault, I acknowledge that.  Today?  No good reason) followed by a so-so day. Is it a matter of habit or just that I need to plant my rear in a chair and just crank something out?  More than likely the latter, one would assume.

On other news, FandomFest is coming here and I am a day away from (hopefully) getting the VIP tickets. I procrastinated in getting the tickets and I hope I am not too late. Since they’re advertising the event on the radio, I am hoping it is a good sign. Gillian Anderson is going to be there and I am getting a new camera for the event… not that I need a new camera or anything like that. The last time I went and used my phone’s camera the pictures of Bruce Campbell looked horrible. Since then I got a new phone and will have VIP seats. I am also taking the Friday off to attend all three days. God willing, next year I will be there as a vendor hawking my wares.

Nothing new here, to be honest. Trying to keep everything together as best I can without melting in the summer heat.  Hope your weather is a little more tolerable.

Seething Apathy