The One Hundred and Ninety-Seventh Post: The One Where I Try Harder To Apply Myself…

Hello, all – day 2 of the vacation and I managed to eke out about 600 words yesterday. My back was giving me problems early on, so I decided to end it and start looking for a new chair. I might also get a new desk and try to move all of this into the study/office (right now, I’m huddled in my living room). I just need to get a comfortable chair where I can sit for hours at a time and not get backaches. Regardless of what happens today, I am going to hit the 3,000 word mark. With any luck, I can finish up this chapter and act by the end of the vacation. After all, this is the last chapter in the act and (hopefully) the most exciting. Just need to finish it… and take myself somewhere to celebrate.

Now, some of you might be asking what’s so important about the chapter. We get a payoff from the earlier stick-game chapter in that Tyro learns that she can pick up bits from the Book and absorb them into herself. This is where she gets the concept of freedom put into her and she gets the notion that she can free herself and the others. Hopefully, this won’t come across as some cheesy scene, but rather something that is a good way to close the act and carry the interest over to the next act, which is the planning and the escape. When I first wrote this outline, I was going to give Tyro some powers, but the more I thought about it, she already has one decent ability – she can get better access to her other memories than the others (which is something I will need to bring up in the chapter before the escape, just to let everyone know – and the way I can introduce it is cool!). I can’t wait to get to the chapter with the flight and getting them to freedom. This is going to be a good book.

Well, this vacation is going along well. Then again, any vacation is better than work. I’m just going to write and maybe play some games – which reminds me, I need to call Bethesda Games and see if they can fix my copy of Fallout 3: Game of the Year edition:

Get up – the mutants aren’t going to kill themselves.

The problem I’m having (maybe someone has run into this and will be able to tell me how to fix it) is that the game is not progressing past the initial load screen: the birth scene. Thankfully, I got the number to Bethesda and I am going to call them after I get my 1500 today (splitting up the 3K into two batches of 1500). Thankfully, they have a tech support line for their games – I’ve been looking forward to playing this game on the PC for a while. I got it on Xbox, but it’s hard to aim the weapon with an Xbox controller. A mouse and keyboard will be a lot easier. Playing Borderlands 2 with the keyboard and mouse is fantastic – even made a long headshot with a character that I wish I could have recorded.

Well, I got to get to Tyro and her memory issues.

Have a good day, y’all.


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