The Two Hundred and Sixty-Second Post: The One Where I Haven’t Had This Feeling Since ’91…

… and that feeling is opening night jitters. The novel is getting released Wednesday. I know it’s as ready as it’s going to get. I’ve checked the spelling several times, the grammar twice (in as much as Windows will let me) and had several people read it over to make sure that the plot doesn’t have any holes… well, any big ones. But as much as I want to release this novel and get to the next one…I am nervous about it to the point of unhealthy thinking. Sure, it’s not the best one I’ve written – but this one got no less attention than any of the other novels I am working on. Maybe this is just my neurosis and insecurity talking to me. Well, it’s far too late now. I’ve paid off the artist and gotten the artwork. When I get in from work on Tuesday, I am going to sit down and upload it to CreateSpace and Amazon. After that and I have confirmed that the books are up and ready for sale, I am going to try to sleep and absolutely not touch the AfterWord app on my phone until after I wake up in the morning. Trust me that is going to be the hardest part of all. J

OK – what am I going to work on next after the book’s away? I was considering working on I/O Error, but I haven’t finished the outline so I can’t really charge into it, so I am going to work on the Tyro novel (Unbound) since I’m about a third of the way through it anyways and the outline is done. I am going to continue the outline for I/O Error at work (What? What did you think I do at work? My job? Oh, you silly, silly geese…) to get it finished. I am going to hold myself to the timelines I have set up, and on the upside, I have a good head start on it – I am in the second act getting ready to ramp up the weirdness.

I had a good Christmas. Got myself some Blu-Ray movies: The A-Team and District 9 and The Portable Dante and a couple of Marvel t-shirts for casual, walking-round-the-homestead. Oh! I got an unexpected early gift from Amazon! I got the latest volume of Empowered two weeks before its official release! This is a series that I recommend highly to comic book aficionados. The artwork is amazing and the story is compelling – the latest plotline has been wrapped it and another one is starting soon. Look past the cheesecake and you’ll find a story of dedication and triumph. Really.

Well, there is little else to comment on right now. With the holiday season winding down, I can focus a little bit more on getting the work done and getting away from my job. I hope everyone else had a good holiday. As always, thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy Holidays!



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