From The R and R Station (kinda): Day 6

Well, I am having some computer issues that I am trying to sort out on my own. This edition of my vacation is being brought to you by my newly rediscovered Nook. Since I had some time while my computer is doing a virus checkI thought I would clean off my desk. Lo and Behold, I find this little thing under a pile of papers that bad inexplicably not fused into diamonds. I hooked it in and left it to charge. Now it is back up and running while my Kindle gets a little vacation of its own.

Sadly, the issues with the computer are keeping me from getting anything else done (that and some of the mess has transferred to the little desk where my Chromebook is sitting). I am one of those nervous types that couldn’t focus on the work at hand without neurotically checking the computer to see if it hasn’t blown up yet. At least it was Black Friday, so there was little to be expected anyways.

Oh! Before I forget, I have been invited to a cyber-release party for Amy Valenti – fellow author and good friend. If you look to your right, you should see a couple of links to her work on Amazon. I recommend her highly as a writer of erotica and also as an editor – she edited my first book. I will report back on what happened. I’ve never been to one of these sort of things before.

Well, this will be a little short, mostly because it is late and I need to get some sleep. I will actually post some things about how I would do “Sleepy Hollow” and “Dracula”. I might even end up using the Dracula idea for a novel. Who knows?

As always, thank you for reading please feel free to leave a comment below.

Seething Apathy

From The R and R Station: Day 4

Huzzah! I made it through the store with a majority of my vices intact! I got the last minute things I am going to need until I can get to an open grocery store on Friday. If you’re going to a store on Thursday, I consider you part of the problem. Stay home. You don’t have to be with your family (I’m not), but I am sure that there are people who will have to work tomorrow who want to be with their families. Everything will be there Friday, I promise.

As I was getting ready for tomorrow, I didn’t have much time to do anything constructive. Tomorrow isn’t going to be any better, frankly. All day football, turkey pizza and apple pie, and you want me to do what? Seriously?

I am still working on the I/O Error outline on paper and I keep wondering about the concept of robots being able to see and interact with ghosts, so I am just going to babble aloud here and let me know if this is going to be too irritating. So – here it goes: the whole notion about robots seeing the ghosts aboard the doomed ship The
Shepherd goes back to the notion that machines can pick up more information than people can – whether or not you want to chalk that up to a filter that living people have versus the genuine non-bias of a machine, or just that ghosts use the electro-magnetic fields to lend them more energy to overcome that barrier enough to make some sort of mark (I am going with a little from column A and a little from Column B) – and I am running along with it as well as the notion of Asimov’s Laws of Robotics. In particular, I am looking at the first two: Rule one: a robot must not allow a human to come to harm, either by action or inaction. Fairly straightforward, right? CL4-TP, as irritating as he is to some people, can’t do anything to you under this broad definition even if you merit it. However – in the story, there is a corollary. Human is defined as a person on board The
Shepherd by the invitation of the captain and is designated under three classes: guest, crew and officer. If you have an invitation (permission) – oh, if there is an official nautical term for this, please let me know what it is – by the captain, then you are considered a person and the robots that are part of the crew will do everything they can to see to your safety. If you are not there by the invitation of the captain… then you’re out of luck. They’re not going to kill you, but if you’re stuck in something and about to die…sorry, dude.

Rule two: A robot must follow the instructions given to by a human so long as they do not go against the First Rule. Now, here’s where we’re getting a little complicated. Going back to our corollary of what defines human, there were two classes of people: guest and crew. How do the robots know which one to follow? Simple – officers are the top of the food chain, followed by crew and finally guests. So far, no real problem – the orders trickle down from the top. If the Captain says jump, you jump so long as it’s not into a vat of molten steel. Now, the protagonist’s issues come with the problem of not knowing which member of the crew giving her orders is one of the real crew members, or a ghost. Since all input is equal to her coming from the crew, the protagonist can’t make an effective call and acts in what it considers a logical mode. Everyone else thinks she’s going nuts. Now – here’s my problem: how is it that one robot can see the ghosts and interact with them, but all of the others can’t? I have an idea and I will further explain it to you Friday.

Two words: Quantum Computing.

Thanks for reading, and as always – feel free to drop a comment.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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From The R and R Station: Day 3

I actually got a little work done today. I’ve started the (hopefully) final edits for the novel and I am going to get a lot more work done tomorrow. I am confident that I can get everything done by the first of the New Year. Whether or not I will be able to have a release party, I am not sure – but I am leaving that notion open. This is a vacation, after all – I should be relaxing a little. Having said that, I am going to have to go to the grocery store tomorrow…so much for relaxation time. I am not very good in crowds, especially store crowds, but I will pack my headphones and load up on some calming music. I am looking forward to editing this and hopefully putting in some padding where some is needed. After all, I have to get to 80K words. What’s the world record for use of the word ‘very’ in a single sentence? I’ll bet I can top it easily.

Currently, where I live, it’s getting cold (check local listings for current temperature and dancing penguin schedules in your area) and I am hauling out the winter clothes a lot sooner than I had expected. Thankfully, I have coffee to keep me warm, but I must admit that I am feeling the cold a lot sooner than I did a few years ago. I wonder if it’s because I am losing some insulation on my body or that I am just getting older and more sensitive to the temperature changes. I fear it’s the latter. Oh, well – can’t do anything about that.

Enough about the weather – let’s talk about TV for second. I am caught up with Dracula and I am somewhat disappointed with it. I think I am going to take it off the queue on Hulu Plus, but I do like what I am seeing with Almost Human and the performances that the main cast is bringing in. Arrow has still impressed me and I am going to watch a couple more episodes and see what it has in store. Sleepy Hollow has lost me a little (this Saturday, I think I will go to that least visited category: TV and Movies and try re-vamping both Dracula and Sleepy Hollow), but I am going to try to get caught up over the next few days. There are really a few shows that I will watch on a constant basis: The Colbert Report and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Everything else is catch as I can. I also need to get back to watching some documentaries – especially Monsters Inside Me. I have an idea on how I can turn one of the ideas in it into a particular plank in a horror novel idea I have called A Game of Chinese Whispers – more on that after I finish up the novel and get some more headway into I/O Error. So many things to do and all of them are going to make me happy. Eventually.

However, I should get some sleep, since I have to get going for the grocery store tomorrow. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment.



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From The R and R Station: Day 2!

Hello, all. I’m on the official first day of the vacation (hence why I am writing this a little alter than usual) and I am going to say this: my Nanonovel has gone from a loving embrace of two kindred souls to a MMA title bout without all those rules like ‘no biting’, ‘no eye gouging’ and ‘no foreign objects (I’ll have you know, ref, that the two-by-four I am currently clubbing my novel into submission with was purchased from the Home Depot right down the street – that’s as domestic as they come, sir). Really, this thing is making my tear my hair out – which is my best feature, by the way, so I cannot bear to lose that. I am considering just abandoning it undone and short of the 50 K. Nanowrimo is starting to sap the joy out of writing for me, and I have another novel that’s done and that I need to finish up the editing on so I can get that ready for the printers by January 1st. So, I think I am going to cut my losses here and let it go. The story isn’t gelling the way I want it to and I know I need to work some more on it in my head. So, to quote a 4-star general: “We’re not retreating; we’re advancing in a different direction.” So, on this vacation, I am going to go back to the Tyro novel and start outlining I/O Error. That way, this vacation can still be somewhat productive and I can have some fun.

Speaking of fun – I had a pretty good day today. Discovered a new series on TV – OK, not new, but it’s one I hadn’t seen before. It’s Arrow from CW – the same station that didn’t do Nikita any favors, but this one is good. Thank God for Netflix. Now if I could only remember the hockey games, I would be set. I have to admit, that this was the first time in a while that I have been able to sit down a watch a TV show. At least between Hulu Plus and Netflix I can try new shows and get caught up on the ones I like… well, except for the ones on FX. I still have to buy those on iTunes, but there are only three that I am actively interested in: American Horror Story, Wilfred, and Sons of Anarchy. All three of them I recommend highly based off of past performances – especially Sons.

Tomorrow, I will get back to Tyro novel and leaving one of their own behind. Maybe I can get some more headway in it while I’m here as well as get the outline for I/O Error done. After Tyro’s novel is finished, I’ll work on I/O Error more than likely start outlining another horror story – either Valentina’s Feast or Game of Chinese Whispers. More than likely the former because I’m still working out the details for the later in my head and it’s not really ready for the paper yet.

Well – that’s all for now. I hope you had a better day than my hockey team did. Feel free to drop a comment, or just say ‘hi’. Thanks for reading.



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From The R & R Station! Day One

Hello, everyone! I am here on vacation and I am just trying to stay in the developing groove of posting at least once a day during this week and the next. So, I am relaxing, letting nothing dictate to me what needs to be done immediately, or even ‘when you get a moment’. Right now, there is nothing more pressing for me than getting some yogurt, doing a little laundry and some dishes. Other than that – my motto will be: Cum promptum hoc faciam. SO, there might not be any posts other than the occasional ‘still here and enjoying myself’ send-ups. I will be writing, but it will take on the slow, leisurely pace of someone who has no Nanowrimo deadline looming, or an artist needing to know how large this book is going to be before she can finish the back cover. I have no extra pressure than from what I am going to exert on myself for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I won’t be able to do the whole stuffed crust thing, it’s just that the budget for the pizza was considerably tighter than I had forecast of first and the cheese was the easiest thing to get rid of and make it. I am still going to have a homemade stuffed crust pizza one day, but it won’t be for Thanksgiving, nor will it be for Christmas (we have hamburgers on Christmas). More than likely it will be for the first meal of the year. What better way to ring in the New Year than around a mouthful of homemade stuffed crust pizza? I can feel a new tradition being started.

I have been outlining I/O Error and I still have some hesitations about it. I’m taking two tropes that normally don’t go together at all: Robot Gone Mad and Cursed Ship. The switch I am doing with the first one is that we’re seeing things from the Robot’s point of view. More often than not with this particular trope, we’re seeing events unfold from a human’s point of view: we’re told that Robbie is going crazy and he demonstrates it by acting wacky and/or lethal. Well, I’m going with the idea that we’re watching all the events from the robot’s POV. Robbie (or in the case of the main character, Gail) isn’t going crazy – it’s responding to what it thinks are correct procedures and in line with the commands encoded within it. As far as the Cursed Ship trope – this one I am toeing the line with. I did my research on naval tradition as far as these sorts of things go and apparently, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with this. I would say more, but I don’t want to spoil anything. I am re-doing the outline and the rough draft so that I can get it right, since this is going to be my first horror novel. I just hope that my doubts about it are just a matter of jitters and not warning that I am venturing into territory best left to the professionals.

Well, my jeans are dry, so I’d better get them folded and put an end to all this unnatural usefulness on my vacation. Thank for reading, and as always – feel free to drop a comment or two in the box before.

Oh – on a bit of a housekeeping note: I am now without a plumber (business issues) and if anyone has anyone they can recommend in the Louisville area to come by every now and then to check on the pipes that would be appreciated.



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The Two Hundred and Fifty-Fourth Post: The One Where I Just Keep Getting Vacation Days…

Seriously, I just found out I had another 20 hours of vacation time and they let me put it forward into 2014. So I’m going to get a couple of days off in the first full week of the year. Not a bad way to start off 2014, but I am still going to angle to get The Olympics off next year as well. Actually, I am hoping that I can get out of the whole thing before October, get the vacation and declare my two week notice by e-mail the night before I leave my vacation. Would be the best thing to have my final two weeks off paid and get to work on the novel.

I am still pushing through the Nanonovel and more than likely going to try to get completely caught up (and hopefully to pull ahead) on Saturday. I am going to try to get some more done today, but it is looking like the majority of the work is going to be on Saturday, which isn’t too bad for me. I just want to get this done and out of the way so I can get on to I/O Error and take a break from fantasy/romance/steampunk for a while…well, not really much of a break since I’ll be working a little more on the Tyro novel to get it finished. After that, it’s going to be an assembly line process of writing one novel, editing another and outlining a third. 2014 is going to be the Year of Production. Hopefully, it will also be the Year of Freedom.

Beyond vacation, I can’t wait for next week since it’s Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to cooking the dinner. I will post pictures of the ensuing meal here and let you know if the food has killed me or not. This is the only time that I really go all out and cook. Most of the times, it’s either something really quick (beans, rice, sausage and a healthy amount of honey mustard), microwavable meals or sandwiches. It’s amazing that I am alive sometimes. Anyhow, this Thanksgiving is going to be a simple meal and a nice dessert from Cheesecake Factory…followed by a coma. Because – tradition!

I should get to Nanonovel since it’s creeping up past the afternoon and I will still need to shower, shave and all that. Thanks for reading, feel free to drop a comment (I respond!) and I hope y’all have a good day.



Seething Apathy


The Two Hundred and Fifty-Third Post: The One Where I Am Going to Be Busy On Saturday…

I am still going to try to pull out the Nanonovel, but I am more than likely to try to get as caught up as I can get during Saturday with the write-in. It’s really going off the rails, but I am going to stick with it because I’ve gone this far and there is no reason to turn back now. Thankfully, I’ve got the vacation coming up, so I can gain a lot ground and hopefully get to the 50K mark by the 29th and try to get a little over just for pride’s sake. After that – the story goes away to get a little further done in my head. I’ll try to get back to it, but it’s going to be one of the back-back burner stories. Don’t worry – I am not giving up on it, but I’m thinking I should have let it grow more in my head. Lesson to the rest: don’t rush a project. Let it grow and build on its own. You’ll know it’s finished… or at least when it’s ready to be abandoned.

Everything is coming along as far as the first novel goes – I need to get the final edits down so I can get the artist my final page count. I am shooting for an 80K novel – short for a fantasy, but I think in the right range for romance. I do have an idea in mind for a sequel concerning two of the secondary characters, but not for the main characters yet. Which is OK – I am right now focusing on the Nanonovel and getting the first one out of the door on January 1st. Going to be a great week next week – mostly because of me not being at work. I can feel that everything is coming together in this novel. Just got to make it for the final sprint and speaking of final sprints, I have written the blurb for the back cover:

The elf Rhona fleeing her past hears a voice calling her in the deep woods.  Taking up an urgent quest from creatures born in an age of myth, she must rely on her wits and skills to survive the task.  Bringing the Scholar Anya to her aid, Rhona finds herself fighting against evils older than her kind and the malice of humans around her.  The stakes grow increasingly perilous the closer to gets to her rendezvous with the Blade of Everthirst.  What will she surrender to save the world?  Her music?  Her life?  Her heart?

Hopefully, this will entice some people to read the book. Honestly, this took me sweating blood to get it out. 50K novel? No big problem. 100 word blurb summarizing that novel? Dammit, Jim – I’m a novelist, not a miracle worker.

All of this reminds me – In a month and a half, the latest volume of Empowered comes out! Looking past the kink and the fan service, this is a well-crafted series about accepting one’s destiny regardless of how uncomfortable or desperate it makes you. I recommend it highly and it’s one of the best OEM out there.

Well, I should try to pull the Nanonovel out of the fire and put it back in the pan. Thank you for reading, and I hope you all have a good day.



Seething Apathy

The Two Hundred and Fifty-Second Post: The One Where I Fight a Dangerous Habit…

OK – when I feel that a novel is starting to go off the rails, I stop it and go on to something else. I go on to something else because everything isn’t coming together right at that point, so there is no need to spin my wheels as it were. Well, that would be all well and good, except that the project that going awry is the Nanonovel. The one that I am trying to get to 50K by the end of the month and it’s not going as planned. So, now I’m just trying to get along with it, but honestly, I can feel the call of other projects (sounds like a concert in my head with all the projects I have) – particularly my horror works. I’m just going to have to tough this out and see if I can get to at least 50K and then set it aside and work on it after I have gotten some distance and a better outline. Oddly enough, the whole thing is coming apart about where the current outline ends. Hmm…

Anyways, Thanksgiving is almost here and I’ve got to get everything together. Since it’s pizza, this might be the cheapest dinner to date. Seriously, I am going to cook some turkey meat (or chicken) and put it on a homemade pizza crust – stuffed of course – and bake it with pepperoni, cheese and maybe some ground beef. Spend the rest of the day watching football and maybe outlining something during the commercials. Yes, I don’t vacation very well when it comes to writing. Well, that and I am finally getting my feet under me as far as working projects go – thanks to the Chromebook. Seriously, the Chromebook has a great platform for office work (and writing) but it doesn’t have anything as far as games go – sorry Chrome, but the best game you have is Tetris. Granted, I like Tetris, it’s a great time waster – but I have it on my phone, so I don’t really need it on the Chromebook. Even better, I can set up multiple accounts, so I can separate horror from romance from fantasy from smut. In case you’re wondering – no, I am not getting anything from Google or Chrome for this…yet…. (hint)

With the vacation coming up, the only other plan I have after I am done writing for the day is to settle down and play the latest DLC from Bioshock: Infinite – which is still a game that I highly, highly recommend to everyone. This current DLC is supposed to take place in Rapture before the Fall – and I must admit that I bought the book that supposedly chronicles it, but I haven’t read all of it yet. I wish someone would put it out on an e-book format so I could take it with me. I’d do it, but I have a lot of better things to do than sit in front of a computer and type out someone else’s words.

So – with all of this said and working on my second cup of coffee, it’s time to put on my YouTube playlist… you know, the one I cannot play in front of my pastor and get working. I hope y’all have a good day, feel free to submit comments and thanks for reading.



Seething Apathy

The Two Hundred and Fifty-First Post: The One Where I Had a Good Weekend…and Start Counting Down…

I have another vacation coming to me next week, where I’m out for six days, then I have another four day weekend and that’s it. No more days off until (hopefully) February when I am going to try to get the Winter Olympics off. With this vacation, I am going to get the final changes to the novel done and aim for the New Year’s Day release. I also need to get the blurb written for the back cover and see if it’s too late to send it to the artist. As far as the NaNoWrimo novel… sigh… it’s going off the rails a little, but I want to get through the 50K limit and then I might set it aside and try to get Tyro’s novel finished and get away from fantasy for a while and get to some horror. It’s not that I’m burning out from writing romance/fantasy, but when a book starts to shudder through the turns, I know that it’s not ready for the first draft.

So, the horror story that I am working on is going to be I/O Error. I still like the concept and I am going to re-do the outline to get it to fit in the structure. The idea of robots and ghosts is (as far as I can see) a fairly original idea. I am not going to say anything else right now since I am going to work over the outline and I don’t want to put anything down yet until it is done and in ink. Speaking of ink – I should get some ideas together for the celebratory tattoo for both books: the first novel (The Quietest Heart) and my first book. The tattoo for the first book is ready; I just need to get it on my forearm. The second one? Not so much, but I am willing to field some ideas. No faces, please – the idea of having a face on my body is a little disconcerting for me. I am working on getting Tyro’s first novel finished by the middle of the new year and I am going to get I/O Error started in December and aim to have it ready for editing by end of March.

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is around the corner, which means I need to get the stuff together for the pizza. Yes – I said pizza. I am going to make a stuffed crust pizza topped with turkey, pepperoni and ground chicken. For dessert, there will be cheesecake and more football than you can shake a stick at; followed by napping. Lots of napping and dishes for me, but it’s part of my week off, so I can’t complain. After that, I need to get stuff together for Christmas – such as the marathon list. Anyone have any ideas of horror films for Christmas? I’m not really focused on ‘holiday-themed horror films’ but I want to have enough films to stretch the whole day. I like J-horror as long as it’s subtitled. If you have any really good ideas, feel free to put them in the comments.

Well, I’ve got to get my word count in for today and a shower. Thanks for reading and I hope y’all have a good day.



Seething Apathy