From The R and R Station (kinda): Day 6

Well, I am having some computer issues that I am trying to sort out on my own. This edition of my vacation is being brought to you by my newly rediscovered Nook. Since I had some time while my computer is doing a virus checkI thought I would clean off my desk. Lo and Behold, I find this little thing under a pile of papers that bad inexplicably not fused into diamonds. I hooked it in and left it to charge. Now it is back up and running while my Kindle gets a little vacation of its own.

Sadly, the issues with the computer are keeping me from getting anything else done (that and some of the mess has transferred to the little desk where my Chromebook is sitting). I am one of those nervous types that couldn’t focus on the work at hand without neurotically checking the computer to see if it hasn’t blown up yet. At least it was Black Friday, so there was little to be expected anyways.

Oh! Before I forget, I have been invited to a cyber-release party for Amy Valenti – fellow author and good friend. If you look to your right, you should see a couple of links to her work on Amazon. I recommend her highly as a writer of erotica and also as an editor – she edited my first book. I will report back on what happened. I’ve never been to one of these sort of things before.

Well, this will be a little short, mostly because it is late and I need to get some sleep. I will actually post some things about how I would do “Sleepy Hollow” and “Dracula”. I might even end up using the Dracula idea for a novel. Who knows?

As always, thank you for reading please feel free to leave a comment below.

Seething Apathy

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