The Two Hundred and Forty-Third Post: The One Where I Patiently Wait for The Artist…Oh, Who Am I Kidding?

I sent the information off for the artist and now I begin the delicate art of stalking my inbox until I get a response. I thought that as you got older you were supposed to get more patient. When I was younger (and yes, my skin crawls at the use of that phrase), I seemed to have infinite patience. Now? I think Twitter takes too long. Maybe it’s because I am surrounded by things that can get me access to my email account: my phone, my PC and my growing family of laptops (and we’re getting an addition today!). Oh – my team is playing tonight against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Thanks to the lax attitudes concerning listening to music and other devices (otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten SiriusXM), I can catch this game and hope that the Panthers can carry themselves to victory. They had better since the Bucs are floundering this season… then again; the Panthers are at 3-3 and barely hanging on to the hope of a play-off spot.

Anyways – the novel continues along with the group hightailing it out of the village with their newest companion Looks-Afar. It’s time to put them back into peril. I need to get them onwards to the rest of the tale. As much as I am looking forward to getting them to the next point, I know what’s going happen and I’m not really happy about it. But, hey – it’s in the service of the story, and they’ll get over it in time.

Nanowrimo is starting up next week and the first party is on the 27th. I am looking forward to this since I am going to try something new: double duty. I am going to continue working on Tyro’s novel, but when I get home from work, I am going to try to crank out the Nanowrimo novel as well. The idea is to see if I can do such a thing and if it doesn’t liquefy my brain too much, I will try working on two projects on a regular basis so that I can get more going and get more out there to be bought. After all, I need to get as much out there as possible. I know some people have told me that the answer isn’t going to be writing more books, but I would beg to differ on that opinion. As long as I am producing new things – and I don’t have a shortage of ideas right now – and I can use what’s new to point people to what’s older, I can hope to maintain a cycle of discovery. I doubt I am going to get Stephen King levels of production, but I am definitely going to try. Really, it’s either that or I lose my mind.

Oh – I’ve been giving Sleepy Hollow
some thought and I have an idea on what I would do differently. I am going to flesh it out a little bit and post it on Saturday – try to bring that little thing back.

Well, I should go to sleep, since it is going to be a long time before I get any good deep sleep… at least December 1st.

Thanks for reading.



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The Two Hundred and Forty-Second Post: The One Where I’m Here… So Let’s Not Get Too Excited…

I just finished watching the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and it’s coming along. There are some little quibbly things I have with it so far (Agent Colson empties his whole clip into a guy on fire. Even I would have stopped after two shots and said ‘plan B – get me a fire extinguisher’, then douse him with CO2 and hit him on the head with the empty extinguisher. Seriously, you’re working with someone who shoots fire and you have electrical equipment. Ever hear of Halon? It’s not like they want him alive for a long time), but it’s a good ‘sit-back-and-watch’ show. This weekend after getting in a few hours of writing, I am going to get caught up on hockey and maybe Sleepy Hollow time permitting. This is going to be the one ‘vacation’ day where I do very little. The actual vacation, I intend on getting something done with the writing job. I’ll also need to get a model for some cover art.

Speaking of writing – I managed to hire an artist for the cover of the novel, and the revisions are being done as we speak. This will be the final pass. After this and when the cover art is ready, I am sending it off, washing my hands of whole matter and looking forward to the celebratory dinner at a nice restaurant across the river. Tyro is coming along (she’s one of the things I am going to work on during the vacation) and Nysa has managed to stammer out that she wants to stay – granted, she picked a bad time to say that she was leaving the group and Marah is not taking this well. Well, that’s not going to be a problem for much longer. Heh-heh-heh…

It’s Wednesday – meaning the half-way point until my vacation. If I can get through today, I can make it to the end. Thankfully, Tuesday wasn’t as arduous as it usually is in the first week of the month. I’ve found a message board for Kindle authors and I’ve been reading it and getting some advice on how to proceed with a lot of things…and it helps to see other people working at this and being successful enough to do it full-time. I’m sure I can get to that level of success. I just need to get something done and get going. Hopefully, I can get the novel out and done before too long. Personally, I will just be happy to have it out and no longer haunting me. It’s becoming like a houseguest who’s overstayed his welcome. It is time to give it a hat, coat and a friendly shove out the door to face the world.

Speaking of Wednesdays – I should get going and shower up for work. I hope everyone here has a good day. Thank you for reading this.



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The Two Hundred and Forty-First Post: The One Where I Bounce Up and Down and Clap My Hands…

I got it! Well… not got but I pre-ordered Empowered volume 8! One – I like the character. Empowered is not just a pretty face. She’s someone committed to a cause, even to the point of personal embarrassment (you would be too if your suit was described as ‘wearing a soap bubble’) and she’s a lot more honest and forthright about it. Sure – the OEM has its Cinemax moments, but I can look past that and see a story about a courageous woman trying to defy all the odds. If you like comic books, then I highly recommend Empowered (follow the link to get volume one).

OK – that’s out of the way. Back to Tyro and the babbling. I am having a hard time with Nysa’s dialogue when she’s trying to tell the others that she wants them to go and she’ll remain behind. Writing Nysa is a three step process – a fun process at times, but a process nonetheless. Here’s an example: Nysa wants Tyro to share a milkshake with her (no, I am not thinking about McDonald’s chocolate milkshakes. Not at all… move along…). First, I think about what she wants to say:

“Give me some of your milkshake.”

As we can see, Nysa isn’t one for the subtle social niceties. Now, we fit in the code: Nysa refers to other people with a descriptive word. Tyro, in this instance, is always referred to as a body of water: river, ocean, wave… or a puddle is she’s being insulting. Another thing about Nysa’s speech is that she never refers to something by its name; it will be talked about in reference to the subject. The milkshake in this case will be referred to as sweet seafoam. If she was speaking to Mara, there would be a reference to metal. Nysa always refers to herself as fire – whether it’s a reference based on the fact that she’s a redhead (and in my head this woman portrays her), or that out of the group she’s the most volatile or that she has the most magical potential. Now this:

“Give me some of your milkshake.”

Becomes this after rewording:

“The fire wants to boil away the sweet seafoam and drink the steam from the sky.”

Yes – Nysa refers to herself in the third person. Trust me, this is the least irritating part of her personality. Now, Nysa has an odd syntax – and thanks to the Yoda Speak website I can just type in the dialogue and get it back in the right order. Once that’s done, now we have Nysa speaking in all of her babbling glory:

“To boil away the sweet seafoam and drink the steam from the sky the fire wants.”

So now we don’t know if she wants some of Tyro’s milkshake, or she wants to destroy all the water on the planet for a big steam bath. Isn’t Nysa just silly? With the scene I am trying to write, she wants to say this:

“The Master’s soldiers are coming! You have to run right now! I’m going to stay behind because I can lead them away from here if I have to, and I’m in love with the village elder’s boy. Now, go! Go!”

So, this is going to take me a little time to work around, so I might just focus on the other characters and come back to it during break so I can dedicate some hours to it.

I need to get to work. Nysa can’t babble to herself all day…well, she could, but that would be a boring story.

Thanks for reading.



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The Two Hundred and Fortieth Post: The One Where I Begin the Countdown…

… until the birthday vacation! A week and a half of caring less about my job than I do now and catching up on hockey and Sleepy Hollow for me! I was finally able to watch the pilot and I am going to give you my review of what I have seen so far.

This is entertaining but lazy writing. The book of Revelation has been used to death. Same thing with the Four Horseman – while I don’t find it hard to suspend my disbelief and just enjoy the show, there is just the standard fallbacks for the show: religious conspiracy, the Bible, and misrepresented witches. Do I have any better ideas? Give me a minute. Let me watch a little bit more (yeah…poor me) and see what I could do. Some of you are going to say that I should have to see the rest of the series, and I intend to and if I have to eat a serving of crow then hand me my good fork. Just from the first blush – lazy. Don’t get me started on the kung-fu priest…

You may notice that there is no rambling about the nanowrimo project here; I’m still working out some things in my head so they’re not quite ready for the Internet yet. Tyro’s novel has been laying back untouched for the past few days, but I am going to go back to that. Right now, she’s trying to dig out a rock with the help of the hunda Looks-Afar. They are about going to get back on the road with the Master’s agents hot on their heels. They’ve had some good time in the village, and they’re going to be one short, but it’s time for them to go and get along with the rest of the story. I am hoping that the slight break will work out well for the novel. Speaking of novels – the first one has gotten an artist for the cover. I am going to get the money together to pay her and send what she needs. I am hoping for a release in the first of the year. It’s finally coming together!

I haven’t seen any movies in the theatre recently, but when my vacation comes around I am going to go see Gravity and might even see it in 3-D. Mostly, I am looking forward to the time off. The job is hectic and I know it’s going to get more-so with Christmas coming and the tree vendors. My advice? Use cash. Please. I beg you.

As the weather gets colder, I am considering getting some Death Wish coffee and stock up for winter. I need something that’s going to wake me up and keep me warm. Oh, and Borderlands 2 has some new DLC coming out Tuesday and I am going to buy it then and save it until Saturday. I should also get the updates so that I can get the characters up to level 72.

Well, I should get to work on the novel…or get some coffee. Either or. Have a good day and thanks for reading.



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The Two Hundred and Thirty-Ninth Post: The One Where I Feel Like I Am Fresh Out Of Ramble

Hello, all. I am trying to get the rest of the outline done for today, maybe even finish up act three on Saturday in between the writer’s group, painting the ceiling tiles, cooking and maybe getting caught up on hockey and Sleepy Hollow. Right now, I’m at the library because the house is getting to be far too distracting. I got up much earlier than usual and I am finding it hard to get any mental purchase on the outline – or any other project really. Today, I am just going to chat openly about the outlining project and see what sticks in my head.


Right now, what’s going on is a bridge between the incident at the travel house and the discovery of either Danny’s hijacker or The Maw. I want to reveal a little bit about Ronda and what is driving her to help Danny. She is Touched, so she knows about the culture of the Rahsaya and one of the bigger taboos is that if you take someone’s body, you ward the spirit you displaced. Ideally, you put the spirit in a pocket dimension (work with me in this one) so that it is not aware of the time that has passed or that anything has happened. Rahsaya want as little attention drawn to them as possible. What the hijacker did was the moral equivalent of carjacking. Ronda is really sensitive about this not only because of her background (her father was a village elder and raised her with a very strict sense of right and wrong), but this was done to her a couple of times – several times by her own mother as a sort of punishment, which is why she’s is warded as heavily as she is. I am also going to try to start stirring the first few romantic notions in this scene, but I am unsure how to go about that. Danny is the squishy type – certainly not the person that we would think that Ronda would fall for. We would assume she would be following Brock around – someone who is strong and self-reliant. Danny certainly has a lot more respect for Ronda after finding out that her mother used that ability to keep her in line. They ride along in silence after that revelation.


Bleh. I didn’t get a lot of sleep. I think I am going to call it a day and let my mind wander about with this while I am at work. Sorry, y’all – I was hoping that getting to the library would help, but I think today is going to be a total wash-out. I did get a little done, but it’s not the massive amount I was hoping for. I will come back to the library later on and use it as an office, but I think I’ll just stick to my usual waking schedule since it’s close to the interstate and I can go from here right to work.

As always, thank you for reading. Next time will be better, I promise.



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The Two Hundred and Thirty-Eighth Post: The One Where I Ramble With a Purpose, but I Forgot What It Was…

Where was I? Oh, yeah – tormenting poor Danny going down the stairs.

OK – Danny heads down the hall to the common room where some people are still passed out. He turns the corner, intent on trying to get into someone’s head, and comes upon a pack of wraiths sniffing around the unconscious. Danny ducks back behind a corner and watches what happens. Some of the people who are still conscious don’t pay attention to what’s happening (remember, they can’t see the wraiths) and some of the people who are unconscious are getting shoved out of their bodies by some of the less feral wraiths, while the more feral ones fall upon the separated spirits. Danny turns to run back to Ronda’s room, but he hears growling close to him. He tries to back through the wall to hide – unfortunately, the wall is too thin and he backs right into the common room, where the wraiths have gathered. He turns around to have one wraith land on him and snapping at his neck. Danny fights back, trying to wrestle himself away from the wraith and get to Ronda. He kicks it away and staggers to his feet. Danny rushes to one unconscious man and draws his knife – realizing that the knife is going to be next to useless…then he tries something out of desperation. He grips the knife and tries to mentally touch it, like he’s trying to put himself into it. The knife gets a small glimmer along the edge. The wraith jumps at Danny. Danny throws his arm out and stabs at the wraith half-heartedly. The knife sinks into the wraith – who is just as shocked at Danny and staggers away clutching his stomach. The other wraiths jump on the wounded one, tearing into him and temporarily ignoring Danny. Danny takes this opportunity to run for the room.

Running through the door, Danny reaches out and tries to shake Ronda awake. As he reaches out to touch Ronda, something shocks him. Danny feels pain (a biting) and remembers that Ronda is warded while she is asleep. He looks to the door, hearing the wraiths prowling around right outside. He touches the bed, hoping to get pulled back in like before. This time, he’s still in the room. He hears a scratching and a sniffing at the door. Danny tries to sink into the chair, but the knife stops him from doing so completely. He slides the knife under the bed and gets into the chair as the doorknob turns. While he’s in the chair, he gets limited information – mostly impressions and sounds. One wraith comes close to the chair, sniffing and growling. Danny hears them getting close to Ronda. He wants to yell out some sort of warning, but he’s worried that he would give away his location. He decides that he can get away from them and hide in another horse. He gets ready to hop up and run, but a squeal of pain serves as a reminder that Ronda his been doing this for a while and she can take care of herself. The wraiths sniff around a little bit longer, finally coming to the conclusion that there is nothing there for them to chew on. Danny stays in the chair for a few minutes until the coast is clear. Getting out, he gets the knife from under the bed and walks out into the common room. The room has some spirit remains – which makes Danny a little queasy because one of spirits seems to be conscious and ripped to shreds. Danny goes back to Ronda’s room, closing the door and locking it and bracing the chair against the door. He sits down next to the bed with the knife tightly gripped in his hands. The morning is long in coming for Danny.

Ronda (should we have a perspective change? Should we have a new POV?) finally stirs and looks down at Danny, who is still shivering from fright and still very wired from what happened. She asks what happened overnight. Danny spills everything – the attack, the knife and the attempt to get back into Ronda’s mind. Ronda congratulates him on surviving and figuring out how to make the knife able to wound spirits. She recommends that he should hang onto the knife for the time being. Danny asks about the spirit in the common room that’s been torn up and still conscious. Ronda follows Danny to the common room. She gets some ale and from behind the mug she says there’s nothing that they can really do to heal him. Her best bet is for Danny to try to take that spirit into himself, with that he can gain a little more power. Danny balks (and understandably) at the idea – that’s a man, not a hunk of meat to be cooked and eaten. She tells him that that’s the only way to end his suffering. She’d do it, but it would look odd for her to kneel down and talk while making scooping motions…besides, he needs more power than she does. Danny approaches the spirit and asks how he is going to do that. Ronda holds up her mug and while giving Danny a hard look ‘just pour it in me’. Danny sighs and kneels down before the spirit. The spirit – a teamster – holds up his hand for help. Danny takes it and apologizes. He brings up a memory of his mother pouring him some lemonade. The teamster cries out, begs for release and struggles. Danny holds on to the teamster’s hand, frowning and trying to hold on to the memory – now the teamster’s memories start to intrude…lemonade becomes whiskey and the mother morphs into a serving girl. He fights through both the intrusion of the new memories and his increasing guilt. The cries taper off and become silent. Danny is shaking again. He looks up at Ronda and says that he never wants to do this. Ronda finishes her drink and says that she needs to get going. Danny misunderstands this as that she doesn’t care and flips out. She pays for the drink and leaves, telling the publican that she’s got a long ride ahead of her. Danny continues along, following her to the stables. Ronda looks behind her and finally tells Danny directly that he needs to grow a pair. It is a hard life and if he wants to get back to his own body, he’s going to need to do hard things. What would have been crueler would to leave that spirit laying on the floor until the stars fall out of the sky and not doing anything. She gets on the horse and says either he can come along and do what he’s gotta do to get his body back, or he can stay there and suffer. She doesn’t have time to hold his hand. Danny looks at the travelhouse. She starts to ride out and Danny follows, saying that once he gets his body back, she’s free to do whatever she wants, including leaving. Ronda looked over her shoulder and says that he didn’t need his permission. They continue on, heading for where they think the body is.

OK – this is the end of this chapter. The act is going to continue on for another couple of chapters. Any critiques? Feel free to comment. Thanks for reading.


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The Two Hundred and Thirty-Seventh Post: The One Where I Just Ramble on about That Darn Boy…

OK – we last left off which Danny trying to learn how to sit (he succeeds in pretending there is a quilt over what he wants to sit on) and Ronda falling asleep. After a few tries, he manages to sit down without sinking into the chair and learning that it takes a special person to exist in a chair for anything longer than a few minutes. He experiments with stepping into the knives, the pitcher and some other minor things – Danny learns that when he’s inside the object, he’s still cognizant of what is going on around him and if he concentrates long enough, he can feel weaknesses and flaws – Ronda’s knife is developing a crack in the metal, the chair is starting to crack under the weight of the various people who have sat in it. He gets out of the chair and walks to the bed. He reaches down and touches to bed…and gets sucked down into the bed rather than passing into it.

Startled, he looks around – this isn’t the cramped confines of the bed, but he’s standing in a field next to a brook. Sitting on a rocky over hang is Ronda, a fishing line dangling on her hand. She looks up at Danny sits next to her. She is surprised about this – she’s asleep and Danny has managed to get around her mental defenses to get to her little area of peace. She says that Danny managed to do something that no one else has been able to do. She says she’s not mad, but startled and quickly sets some ground rules: don’t do this again unless asked. Don’t take anything – it’s not the principle of theft that she’s adverse to, but the notion that someone has come in and changed her mindscape. She also warns him that it’s a two way street – she knows what’s going on in his head, too. She pulls the line back up and lays on him a painful truth. Village Cutie isn’t interested in him – she’s just using him to get under Brock’s skin when she’s mad at him for whatever. Danny sighs and scratches his head – he doesn’t want to admit it, but deep down he knows she’s right. She also says that he needs to get a backbone and stand up to Brock, Old Man Ebenezer (the old man who runs the counting house) and most of the other people see him as a squishy accountant type. Danny shrugs his shoulders and asks how he’s going to go about it. Ronda smiles and says that by the time they’re done, he’s gonna jack Brock’s jaw just for looking at him funny. She stands up and pulls Danny to his feet. He asks why she’s helping him out. One: she feels sorry for the guy a little – no one deserves to get treated like that. Two: she knows Brock professionally and he deserves to get taken down a peg or three. Danny asks what the first lesson of the day is going to be. She says you’re doing it now – learning to get into someone’s head (literally) and soon he’ll be better able to control someone. He asks what the difference between getting into someone’s body and getting into someone’s head is. Getting into someone’s head will keep them alive, but it’s trickier to control them and make them move around. Getting into their body makes it easier to control them, but will kill them. Danny says he wants to work on that – especially the not killing aspect of it. Ronda tells him that they will start in the morning, right now – out he goes.

And out he is tossed from the bed and onto the floor. It is still late at night and quiet. Danny stands up and decides to poke around. Experimentally, he walks through the door and out into the hallway of the travel house.

Thoughts? Comments? All are welcome. I’ve got to go shower and get ready for work. Thanks for reading.


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