The Two Hundred and Thirtieth Post: The One Where I Am a Glutton for Punishment…

Well, Art Bell‘s show last night was rough…but not so rough that I wasn’t able to get some sleep. The last several ones were from older shows, but the newer ones at the beginning? Brr

OK – the outline is marching along. I finished Chapter Five (with the female character saying the soon to be classic line: ‘I’ve earned something strong in a mug and between my legs.’) and I am working on Chapter Six – I got a lot done Monday, I don’t anticipate getting that much further today only because it’s Tuesday and the first full week of the month – Statement Week for those in the business. I try to at least get half way through the chapter and I might have to end the act and move on to the main part of the conflict.

As far as Tyro goes – we’re still working with the hunda and this might be one of the shorter chapters. Once the hunda has introduced himself and Nysa goes away from the group, then runs back screaming about the Kheru-Ta. The group runs away with the hunda following behind. This is going to be coming back to the ‘pushing my characters to the brink of agony’ school of writing. I think we’ve had enough of a break in the action to give everyone their breath back. Now, it’s time to get them running again.

It was slow last night, so I thought I would take all the projects I was working on and put them in a spreadsheet. It’s a way of keeping track of what’s getting worked on, what’s getting outline and what’s sitting in a corner and quietly withering away. On the bright side, I am going to be busy for a while (not counting opened series – I have at least 34 books to be worked on, thankfully there is only one open-ended series) which is a good sign since I read somewhere that the people who are writing and self-publishing they have a lot of things out there. So, I am hoping to get at least half of them done (especially the tent pole series) before I die. All the more reason to get back into walking after work since the weather is a little cooler, so I won’t have to towel myself off afterwards. Which would be nice for a small change to be able to sit down at the computer immediately afterwards.

I can’t wait for NanoWrimo! I am going to get through this one and might even try to finish the whole novel before the deadline. This particular season I am going to work on two projects on the same time – it’s not like I am going to run out of ideas anytime soon. I am also going to use this month to see if I can do two books at the same time. If I can do that, then I can get a higher sort of output and get a lot of things out the door as it were. Seriously – my largest single series is going to be George R. R. Martin-esque in size with five books and each book is going to be a minimum of 250,000 words, which means I am going to be working on that for several years, so I want to balance that with something short in order to keep things going. The goal I have is best summed up by one of Stalin’s maxims: Quantity has a quality all its own. I just hope it works.



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