The Two Hundred and Thirty-Ninth Post: The One Where I Feel Like I Am Fresh Out Of Ramble

Hello, all. I am trying to get the rest of the outline done for today, maybe even finish up act three on Saturday in between the writer’s group, painting the ceiling tiles, cooking and maybe getting caught up on hockey and Sleepy Hollow. Right now, I’m at the library because the house is getting to be far too distracting. I got up much earlier than usual and I am finding it hard to get any mental purchase on the outline – or any other project really. Today, I am just going to chat openly about the outlining project and see what sticks in my head.


Right now, what’s going on is a bridge between the incident at the travel house and the discovery of either Danny’s hijacker or The Maw. I want to reveal a little bit about Ronda and what is driving her to help Danny. She is Touched, so she knows about the culture of the Rahsaya and one of the bigger taboos is that if you take someone’s body, you ward the spirit you displaced. Ideally, you put the spirit in a pocket dimension (work with me in this one) so that it is not aware of the time that has passed or that anything has happened. Rahsaya want as little attention drawn to them as possible. What the hijacker did was the moral equivalent of carjacking. Ronda is really sensitive about this not only because of her background (her father was a village elder and raised her with a very strict sense of right and wrong), but this was done to her a couple of times – several times by her own mother as a sort of punishment, which is why she’s is warded as heavily as she is. I am also going to try to start stirring the first few romantic notions in this scene, but I am unsure how to go about that. Danny is the squishy type – certainly not the person that we would think that Ronda would fall for. We would assume she would be following Brock around – someone who is strong and self-reliant. Danny certainly has a lot more respect for Ronda after finding out that her mother used that ability to keep her in line. They ride along in silence after that revelation.


Bleh. I didn’t get a lot of sleep. I think I am going to call it a day and let my mind wander about with this while I am at work. Sorry, y’all – I was hoping that getting to the library would help, but I think today is going to be a total wash-out. I did get a little done, but it’s not the massive amount I was hoping for. I will come back to the library later on and use it as an office, but I think I’ll just stick to my usual waking schedule since it’s close to the interstate and I can go from here right to work.

As always, thank you for reading. Next time will be better, I promise.



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