The Two Hundred and Forty-Second Post: The One Where I’m Here… So Let’s Not Get Too Excited…

I just finished watching the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and it’s coming along. There are some little quibbly things I have with it so far (Agent Colson empties his whole clip into a guy on fire. Even I would have stopped after two shots and said ‘plan B – get me a fire extinguisher’, then douse him with CO2 and hit him on the head with the empty extinguisher. Seriously, you’re working with someone who shoots fire and you have electrical equipment. Ever hear of Halon? It’s not like they want him alive for a long time), but it’s a good ‘sit-back-and-watch’ show. This weekend after getting in a few hours of writing, I am going to get caught up on hockey and maybe Sleepy Hollow time permitting. This is going to be the one ‘vacation’ day where I do very little. The actual vacation, I intend on getting something done with the writing job. I’ll also need to get a model for some cover art.

Speaking of writing – I managed to hire an artist for the cover of the novel, and the revisions are being done as we speak. This will be the final pass. After this and when the cover art is ready, I am sending it off, washing my hands of whole matter and looking forward to the celebratory dinner at a nice restaurant across the river. Tyro is coming along (she’s one of the things I am going to work on during the vacation) and Nysa has managed to stammer out that she wants to stay – granted, she picked a bad time to say that she was leaving the group and Marah is not taking this well. Well, that’s not going to be a problem for much longer. Heh-heh-heh…

It’s Wednesday – meaning the half-way point until my vacation. If I can get through today, I can make it to the end. Thankfully, Tuesday wasn’t as arduous as it usually is in the first week of the month. I’ve found a message board for Kindle authors and I’ve been reading it and getting some advice on how to proceed with a lot of things…and it helps to see other people working at this and being successful enough to do it full-time. I’m sure I can get to that level of success. I just need to get something done and get going. Hopefully, I can get the novel out and done before too long. Personally, I will just be happy to have it out and no longer haunting me. It’s becoming like a houseguest who’s overstayed his welcome. It is time to give it a hat, coat and a friendly shove out the door to face the world.

Speaking of Wednesdays – I should get going and shower up for work. I hope everyone here has a good day. Thank you for reading this.



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