The Two Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Post: The One Where I Have A Blueberry Muffin and Ragtime Queen…

Here is a version of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” done as a ragtime tune. In my defense, I am a fan of Richard Cheese and covers in general so this is firmly in my wheel well. Thanks to the lovely and peppy Jennifer Riddle for bringing this to my attention. Thanks, Jen!

Didn’t do that much outlining yesterday because it was Tuesday and the opening day of NHL, so I watched the first game of the season. My team premieres tonight, but I am going to save that for a Saturday so I can watch it uninterrupted. I got Danny back to the village and he’s going to find his body again, and this time whoever is in his body is going to try to declare a truce. Of course, there are other reasons for the truce (the wraiths hot on the heels of Danny and the horse he rode in – you read that right), but mostly I am trying to keep this story from being sidetracked too badly. This scene is unfolding in my head as a bit of a nod to my horror roots with the different wraiths walking through bodies and trying to find the rahsaya. This could be one of the more intense scenes in the book, hopefully not one to discourage romance readers. I just need to get the outline worked on today – since it’s Wednesday, I am hoping to have more time than I did yesterday… but I have little hope as it’s Statement Week and we’re also doing some big conversion that is more than likely going to be a larger headache for everyone else other than Tech / PC Support. I might have ducked a bullet on this one.

Nysa is in the coop and the chickens are about to have their big panic. They’ve been warming up to this day for a while. After the big panic to close out the chapter, I get to go to the next chapter and start introducing new characters and getting them out of the safe village and into the not-so-safe-village. After all, I have to keep this thing going. Well, I just realized something – if Nysa stays in the village, and the reason the other ushabit flee is because the Kheru-Ta have managed to track them down… what happens to Nysa if she stays? I can’t have her die – she needs to show up in the third book. Well, I might have a second interlude with Hagan and the Kheru-Ta with their leader… who is not going to be mentioned because I want whatever little surprise I have coming. Please cue insidious laughter…now

So – I am going to do outlines, novels on the weekday and on the weekend, I am going to finish (no, really) editing the first novel The Quietest Heart, I think I have a few pages left and I am going to send it to the beta readers… so I am taking volunteers. Just drop a comment here with an e-mail address and I’ll give you a .pdf of the novel. Speaking of .pdfs – I got a copy of Amy Valenti’s Hidden Heat – I love it! She is one of my favorite writers and definitely worth the time to read her works. I will say this, she does write adult material, so you are now duly warned… or teased, which ever works for you.

I am off to the chicken coop to scare a pre-processed omelet or two. Hope you have a good day, too.



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