The Two Hundred Twenty-Fourth Post: The One Where I Am Getting Into the Outline…

First: I am going to give you this link for inspiration.

Second: The outline is coming along…when I can find the time in between calls. Danny (the placeholder name) has been yanked out of his body and is now trying to get back into it. I am getting ready to introduce the idea of the wraiths – people who have lost their bodies and now just exist. Of course, just existing – not having any sort of sensory input beyond the need to return to one’s own body – is a sorry state to be in and I am going to get Danny back to his real body as quickly as possible. I can see a huge distraction coming with that, so I am going to try to nip it in the bud (I also see some good plots for later on, so I am going to table that for later) and keep on the main track of the story. Yeah – that’s a big problem I have: I’ll get started on something, find something cool and expand on that and suddenly what was going to be a one-shot novel has ballooned up to a three trilogy series like a weight-lifter on anabolics (Tyro – I’m looking at you). I am still looking to get the second act done by the end of the week, so I might have to come home from work and scribble some ideas down after the walk rather than sit down and watch Attack on Titan (holy cow that is not for children!). I am still jazzed up about this and Tyro’s story – which will get Nysa in with the chickens today and hopefully end the chapter so I can finally introduce the next character: Looks-Afar the hunda. The hunda are intelligent, telepathic dogs – based off of a story that one of my teachers told the class about Rhodesian ridgeback puppies he was keeping. He set up a toddler pen, but one or two puppies would get out – the walls were higher than they could jump, and there was nothing else in the pen that could be used as a ladder. So he set up a camera in front of the pen and recorded what they did while he was gone. He put the loose puppies back in their pen and rewound the tape and watched it. A puppy would sit at the base of the wall with his back to the others. Another puppy would run up the back of the seated puppy and jump over. That’s right – the puppies were helping each other over the wall. They showed more organizational abilities and planning than most people. I heard that tale and filed it away in the back of my head until I started the second draft of the Tyro novel and I thought it would be nice to have a non-human companion for her: something that doesn’t quite relate to being human like everyone else, but can relate better to the world at large.

I should get to Tyro so I can introduce Looks-Afar. I hope y’all have a good day.

Oh – of note, if you look to the right, you will see that I have put up links to any books that I am selling. With any luck, I am going to have a second link there soon!


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