The Two Hundred and Fortieth Post: The One Where I Begin the Countdown…

… until the birthday vacation! A week and a half of caring less about my job than I do now and catching up on hockey and Sleepy Hollow for me! I was finally able to watch the pilot and I am going to give you my review of what I have seen so far.

This is entertaining but lazy writing. The book of Revelation has been used to death. Same thing with the Four Horseman – while I don’t find it hard to suspend my disbelief and just enjoy the show, there is just the standard fallbacks for the show: religious conspiracy, the Bible, and misrepresented witches. Do I have any better ideas? Give me a minute. Let me watch a little bit more (yeah…poor me) and see what I could do. Some of you are going to say that I should have to see the rest of the series, and I intend to and if I have to eat a serving of crow then hand me my good fork. Just from the first blush – lazy. Don’t get me started on the kung-fu priest…

You may notice that there is no rambling about the nanowrimo project here; I’m still working out some things in my head so they’re not quite ready for the Internet yet. Tyro’s novel has been laying back untouched for the past few days, but I am going to go back to that. Right now, she’s trying to dig out a rock with the help of the hunda Looks-Afar. They are about going to get back on the road with the Master’s agents hot on their heels. They’ve had some good time in the village, and they’re going to be one short, but it’s time for them to go and get along with the rest of the story. I am hoping that the slight break will work out well for the novel. Speaking of novels – the first one has gotten an artist for the cover. I am going to get the money together to pay her and send what she needs. I am hoping for a release in the first of the year. It’s finally coming together!

I haven’t seen any movies in the theatre recently, but when my vacation comes around I am going to go see Gravity and might even see it in 3-D. Mostly, I am looking forward to the time off. The job is hectic and I know it’s going to get more-so with Christmas coming and the tree vendors. My advice? Use cash. Please. I beg you.

As the weather gets colder, I am considering getting some Death Wish coffee and stock up for winter. I need something that’s going to wake me up and keep me warm. Oh, and Borderlands 2 has some new DLC coming out Tuesday and I am going to buy it then and save it until Saturday. I should also get the updates so that I can get the characters up to level 72.

Well, I should get to work on the novel…or get some coffee. Either or. Have a good day and thanks for reading.



Seething Apathy

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