From The R and R Station: Day 2!

Hello, all. I’m on the official first day of the vacation (hence why I am writing this a little alter than usual) and I am going to say this: my Nanonovel has gone from a loving embrace of two kindred souls to a MMA title bout without all those rules like ‘no biting’, ‘no eye gouging’ and ‘no foreign objects (I’ll have you know, ref, that the two-by-four I am currently clubbing my novel into submission with was purchased from the Home Depot right down the street – that’s as domestic as they come, sir). Really, this thing is making my tear my hair out – which is my best feature, by the way, so I cannot bear to lose that. I am considering just abandoning it undone and short of the 50 K. Nanowrimo is starting to sap the joy out of writing for me, and I have another novel that’s done and that I need to finish up the editing on so I can get that ready for the printers by January 1st. So, I think I am going to cut my losses here and let it go. The story isn’t gelling the way I want it to and I know I need to work some more on it in my head. So, to quote a 4-star general: “We’re not retreating; we’re advancing in a different direction.” So, on this vacation, I am going to go back to the Tyro novel and start outlining I/O Error. That way, this vacation can still be somewhat productive and I can have some fun.

Speaking of fun – I had a pretty good day today. Discovered a new series on TV – OK, not new, but it’s one I hadn’t seen before. It’s Arrow from CW – the same station that didn’t do Nikita any favors, but this one is good. Thank God for Netflix. Now if I could only remember the hockey games, I would be set. I have to admit, that this was the first time in a while that I have been able to sit down a watch a TV show. At least between Hulu Plus and Netflix I can try new shows and get caught up on the ones I like… well, except for the ones on FX. I still have to buy those on iTunes, but there are only three that I am actively interested in: American Horror Story, Wilfred, and Sons of Anarchy. All three of them I recommend highly based off of past performances – especially Sons.

Tomorrow, I will get back to Tyro novel and leaving one of their own behind. Maybe I can get some more headway in it while I’m here as well as get the outline for I/O Error done. After Tyro’s novel is finished, I’ll work on I/O Error more than likely start outlining another horror story – either Valentina’s Feast or Game of Chinese Whispers. More than likely the former because I’m still working out the details for the later in my head and it’s not really ready for the paper yet.

Well – that’s all for now. I hope you had a better day than my hockey team did. Feel free to drop a comment, or just say ‘hi’. Thanks for reading.



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