The Two Hundred and Fifty-Third Post: The One Where I Am Going to Be Busy On Saturday…

I am still going to try to pull out the Nanonovel, but I am more than likely to try to get as caught up as I can get during Saturday with the write-in. It’s really going off the rails, but I am going to stick with it because I’ve gone this far and there is no reason to turn back now. Thankfully, I’ve got the vacation coming up, so I can gain a lot ground and hopefully get to the 50K mark by the 29th and try to get a little over just for pride’s sake. After that – the story goes away to get a little further done in my head. I’ll try to get back to it, but it’s going to be one of the back-back burner stories. Don’t worry – I am not giving up on it, but I’m thinking I should have let it grow more in my head. Lesson to the rest: don’t rush a project. Let it grow and build on its own. You’ll know it’s finished… or at least when it’s ready to be abandoned.

Everything is coming along as far as the first novel goes – I need to get the final edits down so I can get the artist my final page count. I am shooting for an 80K novel – short for a fantasy, but I think in the right range for romance. I do have an idea in mind for a sequel concerning two of the secondary characters, but not for the main characters yet. Which is OK – I am right now focusing on the Nanonovel and getting the first one out of the door on January 1st. Going to be a great week next week – mostly because of me not being at work. I can feel that everything is coming together in this novel. Just got to make it for the final sprint and speaking of final sprints, I have written the blurb for the back cover:

The elf Rhona fleeing her past hears a voice calling her in the deep woods.  Taking up an urgent quest from creatures born in an age of myth, she must rely on her wits and skills to survive the task.  Bringing the Scholar Anya to her aid, Rhona finds herself fighting against evils older than her kind and the malice of humans around her.  The stakes grow increasingly perilous the closer to gets to her rendezvous with the Blade of Everthirst.  What will she surrender to save the world?  Her music?  Her life?  Her heart?

Hopefully, this will entice some people to read the book. Honestly, this took me sweating blood to get it out. 50K novel? No big problem. 100 word blurb summarizing that novel? Dammit, Jim – I’m a novelist, not a miracle worker.

All of this reminds me – In a month and a half, the latest volume of Empowered comes out! Looking past the kink and the fan service, this is a well-crafted series about accepting one’s destiny regardless of how uncomfortable or desperate it makes you. I recommend it highly and it’s one of the best OEM out there.

Well, I should try to pull the Nanonovel out of the fire and put it back in the pan. Thank you for reading, and I hope you all have a good day.



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