The Two Hundred and Sixty-Sixth Post: The One Where I Find The Downside To All This…

OK – the novel is done and I now have to work on ads. Here’s the thing, and I hope you all will keep this a secret. Lean in, because I am going to whisper this.

I don’t like this.

One job I had a while back was selling cars, and as you can guess – I wasn’t very good at it. Sales has a lot to do with convincing someone to want something. Here’s how I do it: here are the facts concerning this object/issue. You don’t like it? [Censored] off and stop wasting my time. I’m not a very social person. I talk to a few friends online and tend to only go outside the house if I have to get something. As a writer, this is a perfect build: don’t go anywhere and don’t spend a lot of money, so you’ll stay home and write and can live off of a smaller paycheck. As someone who has to sell things? Not really. I’m just not a social person.

Thank God for Facebook. I am working on using their ad system right now for the Kindle version through this week and next week when I get paid, I am going to use it for the paperback version next week. I want to give this a test and see if there are any more blips. I don’t really know what else to do as far as getting the word out unless I want to start using leaflet bombs. I’ve told friends (and you, Dear Reader) and I am putting out ads through Facebook and Project Wonderful. We’ll see what’s going on later on. Hopefully, by the end of the week, I can see some sort of improvement in sales. 3 sales on Kindle is good – 30 would be a lot better.

I have a new idea for a novel, so what I am going to do is split time between this one and Tyro’s novel. I am also going to work on the outline for the luck novel: the title is Cat, Rabbit and Clover. It’s a good movie idea, and I might write the screenplay as a lark as well. I am trying to write something a little lighter since Tyro’s novel has so many dark parts to it and Cat, Rabbit and Clover is meant to be a little lighter.

There is a long gap in the blogs, and I apologize. The pipes in the house burst, so I had to spend a few days in a hotel while work was done in the house. I grabbed my Chromebook (which doesn’t have any set up for the blog) and abandoned house. Not really happy, but at least the pipes are insulated now. Now, I can go back to saving some money up the get the floor of the bathroom re-done – it’s a sagging down in a couple of places… not really good.

I’ve got to head out for coffee and get to work on both of the novels. Thank you for reading and as always – feel free to leave a comment.



Seething Apathy

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