The Two Hundred and Seventy-Second Post: The One Where I Just Ramble About What I Like…

I can’t believe that I got February 7-11 off – that’s the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics and a few days of the actual games. I love the Olympics and I haven’t missed an Opening Ceremony since the Summer Games in LA. I wouldn’t have been in a funk if I had to be at work, but I am often surprised that I get days off. Then again, most of my other places of employment treated asking for a day off was like trying to untie the Gordian
Knot. I don’t plan on getting another vacation until my birthday where I am going to take two weeks off. Yeah – that’s a while away, but with the reduced schedule this will be a lot better, and I think this time I am going to get paid for it. I remembered to put down to get paid on my schedule.

I am still working on the outline for Cat, Rabbit and Clover and I think I can get it finished on Saturday if I push hard enough. Once that’s finished (and a week ahead of schedule, yay me!) I’ll set it aside until April when I can get to work on the manuscript. I am also going to try to do this on the Chromebook in a remote location to try to cut down on the interruptions here at home, just to test. Tyro continues on and I am going to get back to it when I am done here. I’m in another rest period, but the natural way the scene is playing out, she’s going to be out into the fire again. I don’t know if I am still falling into the whole ‘peril-breather-peril-breather’ pattern and that needs to be stopped, or this is good advancement of a story. I’ll just forge ahead and let my editor hammer it out. I still have a lot of enthusiasm for both projects, so I am confident that I can meet the deadlines for both books – and I am going to make the cover for Cat, Rabbit and Clover. I have an idea for a local model to use – I just need to check around to see if he’s available.

Sales have been slow for the book – especially for the paperback – but they have been a lot faster than 4 Bits and a Dollar. I did include links for the books here, and they are also on the right hand side if you’re reading the blog directly. I am thinking about when it’s available to lower the price of the novel (quite drastically) for the Kindle, or even trying other e-book vendors to get it out there even more, but I have no idea where to go. I’ll have to hunt around, I guess. While I want to be successful, the first novel is just a test to see how much is involved in getting a book out there. The next one is going to have a lot more spit and polish to it. I have been looking into putting up a website, and I am going to talk to the people who host this blog and see if I can expand upon it – have better link, or a second page to hawk my wares…or even a tip jar. Who knows?

Well, thanks for reading – I always look forward to comments and I hope you have a good day.


Seething Apathy

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