Oh, Hey – I Should Get Back To This…

I apologize for my extended absence, but I have two good excuses. If those don’t work for you, then I have a note from my mom.

The first part is the Olympics. I am a huge fan of the Games and I devoted as much waking time as I could to watching them. While I like the Summer Games a bit more, I sat back and enjoyed the Winter Games thanks to CBC and NBC. I can’t wait for the Summer Games in Rio in 2016. I think I’m just going to take the two weeks off and glut myself. Which should be easier for me because I think it’s going to be in a more suitable time zone for me. Still going to have the CBC coverage just because while some of the ‘human interest’ parts of the Games were interesting – which CBC didn’t have a lot of there in their webcast. I just want to see the sports.

The second part is Cat, Rabbit and Clover. I’ve been working on it in the morning. It’s a little bit of a struggle for me, given that I normally don’t write in first person. So, what would normally take me just two hours now takes me the full four before I have to shower and head to work. Since I don’t have the spare hour to toss down 500 words here and then range off to the novel, I have let this blog slip. I do deeply apologize to all three of you who were following this blog regularly. I am going to try to write in the blog in the evenings after work so that I can give the novel my full attention in the morning.

And oh, good, kind and gentle readers, is it shaping up to be something interesting. This is in the genre of magical realism and based off of my time as a temp with a company. Magical Realism posits that magic happens in a regular, everyday sort of environment – the real world as opposed to a fantasy realm (which is my bread and butter, or it will be one of these days). It’s an idea I had that I was working with in my head for a while. Let me bounce this out here and see how others take it:

There are people in the world who can ‘jinx’ others – spread a little bad luck around the same way that some people spread a cold. The main character is one of these sorts of these people who works as a professional monkeywrencher. He is contracted through a third party to go to a company and sabotage it. How he sabotages the company just by spreading bad luck among the machines and people. He’s not throwing wooden shoes down the looms, but the e-mail server might blow out, or send sensitive information to an unauthorized third party. Yeah – that’s how the main character makes a living, and he’s really good at it.

But he hates it. He’s a New-Age sort of person, so he’s concerned with his karma and how this is going to come back to him later on in his life. That’s the thrust of the story, based on my experience being a temp (I will neither confirm nor deny the spreading of any luck – bad or otherwise – through various personal vectors to influence the outcomes of various business enterprises that I may or may not have been working for directly or contracted to work for through various agencies – interpersonal relationships are a different kettle of fish and the subject of another blog).

Well, I am intending on this to be my triumphant (?) return to blogging and shameless self-promotion. So, thank you for hanging with me and just a gentle reminder: there are my books and the books of good friends and fellow authors to the right. Just click on the links and follow them to Amazon.

Thank you for reading and I hope y’all have a good day.

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