The Two Hundred and Seventy-Sixth post: The One Where I Pump Myself Up On Pocket Change…

As I write this new entry, I’m still revelling in the new episode of Cosmos and the fact that I’ve gotten paid for my sales of this book in Germany – sure, it’s $6.48, but it’s a $6.48 cents I didn’t have yesterday and it’s something for my efforts. With this news in hand, I was able to hit my daily word goal. $6.48 is a powerful thing. I’m also going to get paid for the American sales at the end of the week. Together, everything I’ve earned will get me a large plain pizza from Papa John’s. Yeah, I’m not buying Tesla sedans by the dozens, but that pizza is going to taste good. I know, talking about money is not proper – but it does keep me buoyed up in this venture when all else doesn’t. It’s nice to have a tangible sign of success… and the pizza certainly helps as well.

Speaking of tangible successes – I managed to hit my word count today (and go a little bit over!) before I had to hit the showers for work. I am going to finish this book, but the deadline might have to get pushed a little forward to maybe the end of June. I am still shooting for the August 28th release date, but I might have to do some faster editing (I usually wait until it’s all done before editing, but this time I might have my editor look over a chapter after it’s finished and make the changed as soon as they’re handed to me). I’m not going to worry about cover art or anything like that until the text is done. I don’t want to jump ahead of things too much.

Regarding jumping ahead, I am going to get Tyro’s novel finished and at least get into a good position to start the sequel with the New Year. I’m not going to release the whole trilogy until it’s done, and that gives me time to work on the third one in my head while writing the first and the second. I’m torn between finishing the series as it’s a tent pole production, but I know that I’ve got to get stuff out there to start working. So, I might put Tyro down as a “if I can’t get something else going” project, but start working on more one-shots (Valentina’s Feast, A Game of Chinese Whispers, I/O Error). Maybe I should work on the one-shot in the morning, when I have the time and do Tyro’s novel in the evening, since I am so far ahead on that one, I can afford to put in a lesser amount for that one (I’m in chapter 12, about maybe… little over a third way through) and it’s going through the writer’s group to get greatly tweaked, hopefully I’ve kept some of the notes. Yes, I am that disorganized. Look at some of the earlier posts to see how disorganized I am. You will weep.

As far as TV goes, if you’re not watching Cosmos on FOX, you are missing out on the best show out there. I remember the series with Carl Sagan, and that got me really interested in science (even more so with astronomy). Watching Neil DeGrasse-Tyson in this series really brings back the feelings I had for the original, and takes my breath away with the visuals. Seriously – this show is gorgeous in a way that few shows really try to reach for anymore. If you can watch it in HD, do so. If you can’t get to it, make buying the Blu-Ray a top priority. Watch it with your little ones and hopefully the excitement will rub off.

That’s all I have to say for now. Please feel free to drop me a message, or take a gander at the books I am selling (either my own or the works of good friends). I hope y’all have a good day.



Seething Apathy

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