The Three Hundred and Sixty-Sixth Post: The One Where I Do My Best Oliver Twist Impersonation…

I’m going to be honest – I am not a very social person. I hate having to ask people for things, especially strangers. I’m not a good salesperson (Star Ford can tell you that), and I would much rather be in the back writing rather than doing the smiling and pressing of the flesh.

Now, having said that…I need help.

Last week, I gave away The Dreaded Day Job and I watched 300 books fly off the virtual shelves. The most I have either given away or sold ever. You’d think that with all of that, I’d get a couple of sales to other books, or get some ratings.


Now, I have gotten from reads on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Lending Library, so the whole thing isn’t a complete wash…but let’s all face facts.

I need ratings. Good ratings.

Amazon doesn’t look at sales as much as they look at ratings. More ratings means the book gets a higher ranking and more visibility. More visibility means a better chance for books to be sold, which means I can eventually go to full tiem writing like I want to,

But I can’t do that without ratings.

This is where I ask for help.

If you got my book – either for free last week, or you’re one of the intelligent, discriminating readers who bought my book (clearly a scholar and a person of distinction and good breeding) – please leave a review. I’m not asking for a dissertation on how Evan’s whammy is a metaphor about the capricious nature of the budding gig economy (not saying it isn’t either). I just need some people to click on three, four or even five stars. Won’t take but a second, nor do you have to be sincere.

Speaking of settling down and writing…

I am going to finish the party scene in Feast Friday night and perhaps revisit the final chapter with Greg and Valentina. I think it will be better served with Valentina being more reflective about their relationship. After that, it’s a couple more scenes with Siobhan and maybe a short chapter with Valentina and Greg running into each other with Greg bringing up the movie. Just a short scene or two to give them some more characterization. After that – done! I move on to giving Resurrectionist’s Blues my full attention to hopefully have it done by Halloween. After that, it’s off with Romance with Advantage and then start on some side projects to end the year.

Wish me luck.

And give my books a good review. Thank you.

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