I Would Have Done It Differently: Writing About How I Would Have Written The “Wonder Woman” Sequel Differently…

Sorry I was completely absent last week. I’ve been trying to wrack my brain about how I would continue the next installment of “How I Would Have Done It Differently” with Barbara and Diana. To be honest, I kinda summed up everything in the first installment: we would see Diana be the diplomat, the ambassador, and a peacemaker. We know she can fight, but this would show us a different side of her,

Anyway, with that out of the way – I have good news! I’ve finished the rough draft of my challenge/sweet romance novel! Romance with Advantage will now rest of a couple of weeks while I work on another neglected project. Second will hopefully be done in a month and once the cover photography by yours truly is finished, I will release it and hope to God it doesn’t stink as badly as I think it will. I have to admit that romance is not my chosen genre, but I was challenged by a good friend to dabble in it. I think after this, my next work is going back to a genre I am more comfortable with: fantasy. It was fun to try something new and we’ll see what happens.

Beyond all of that – there is little in the way of news on my end. I’m giddy to have finished something and gotten it out of the way, and happy that I’ve tried something new. In that vein, I will cut this short a little bit, but I will be back next week with more thrilling tales!

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