The Five Hundredth and First Post: The One Where I Throw My Hands Up In the Air And Declare Victory!

Well, I finally did it. It’s as good as it’s going to get. I put “Valentina’s Feast” up for pre-orders on Kindle for a Hallowe’en release (am I the only one that puts the apostrophe in between the two e’s?). It’s set up right now, and you can follow this link to pre-order. It’s done. That’s it. I am officially abandoning it and getting the paperback put together for a same day release. By the time you read this (it’s Sunday here and I put it up Saturday afternoon), the preorder will be ready. If you don’t like graphic horror or sex – let someone who does know about it. I’m also going to put it up on the other platforms closer to the day so that I can have a simultaneous release across as many platforms as possible.

Anyways, “Valentina’s Repast” is not chugging along and it’s my fault. I’ve been taking up overtime at work, and when I get to lunch, I’m so tired all I can do is eat my sandwich and take a nap. I’m not writing in the morning because I’m trying to get out the door earlier. I don’t want to quit the overtime because this is money that’s going to cover the holidays – thank God we decided to not do anything major this Christmas. I’m frustrated about things is all. I might do this for another couple of weeks, try to get at least two good paychecks out of it, and then stop.

On to better news, I finally joined the crowd and watched “Squid Games” and I have to admit it’s really good. Apparently, they ended it to make way for a second season. I really do recommend it to anyone who wants to see something a little different in the “dystopian captive” genre. I think next I’m going to watch the movie “Parasite”. It’s been on my to-watch list for a while.

I guess I’ve put off laundry enough, so I’ll wrap things up here. Please, give my horror novel a chance or to someone who would be willing to do so. I promise I’m coming back to Evan’s poor world come November and probably rush this one out for a Christmas release. Also, please check out the books to the right if horror is not your bag. Hope you all have a good day.

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