The Five Hundred and Eighteenth Post: ACTING!

In acting, there is something called “Method Acting”. It’s been taking lumps as of late, but there is use to it as long as you’re not being a jerk about it. I learned this method in high school and college and applied it to writing. I think it makes scenes easier to write because I imagine I’m the character and I’m in the moment. It works and I recommend using it if you’re in a tight spot in finding a way through the scene, or looking to improve upon motivation. If you’re writing a murder scene…maybe use your imagination.

The main character in The Show Must Go On is a ghost hunter for a small time show, but he’s a skeptic. For him, there are no ghosts or life after death. This is not my position. While I’m sure shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and their ilk ‘ham’ it up for the audience (and by ham, I mean make stuff up at times), but I think every noe and then there’s something that happens that the main character can’t explain. What makes this especially hard is that this is all a first person narrative.

Remember what I said about “method acting”?

I’m finding it difficult at times to hold on to the skeptic’s view. There are times writing that I want to grab Chuck (the main character) by the collar and say “HOW MUCH MORE EVIDENCE DO YOU NEED, MAN?” Yes, this is a work of fiction and yes, I am practically planting evidence for Chuck to find everywhere. Open your eyes, Chuck!

Perhaps I should take this as a sign that this is a good character. If I’m reacting to him on the page the same way I would react to someone in real life (sans grabbing), then the reader should have the same reaction, or I would hope. The most terrifying novel I’ve read – Misery by Stephen King – was achieved by me seeing a little bit of the character in me at times. I hope that it translates into some sort of sympathy for the character, which I think would make a lot of the scares more intense.

The proof will be in the pudding when I finally release this…whenever. Sorry, like my last post: no more deadlines. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go mumble to a skull.

4 thoughts on “The Five Hundred and Eighteenth Post: ACTING!

  1. I have to say that imagining being the character is the one and only way that I can write well. That is just my experience, of course, fwiw.

    And now I want to see about getting that SK book from the library. Seems like it is about time I terrify myself.

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