The Five Hundred and Twenty-fourth Post: The One Where I Come Back From Vacation…

There’s nothing like a vacation to mess up one’s personal calendar. I knew today was Thursday, but not Thursday. This will be a quick update to say that I am still alive and able to type. I just got back from a much-needed vacation, which I will talk about a little later on. I’m back and I feel a lot better. I even got out a thousand words my first day writing at lunch. Never underestimate the utility of letting your mind have some time off, too.

Feeling much better, I am ready to continue on with my current project and start doing a little background research into my next big project which a dalliance into literary arts and writing something ‘serious’, as it were.

Other than that and discovering the relaxation that is painting miniatures, there is little new to discuss. So, with that, I will bid you all a good day and I hope to have more next week.

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