The Five Hundred and Twenty-fifth Post: The One Where I Shake My Fist at My Over-active Imagination and Big Media!

I’m thinking of giving some of my writing away.

I have another idea for a progression fantasy series (Serious, I can’t stop myself), but rather than writing it with a serious eye towards publication, I’m thinking about initially putting up on a free site like Royal Road to get some feedback, then moving it over to publication. I’m not going to start writing it until I have cleared a couple of other projects first: The Resurrectionist’s Blues and The Show Must Go On are my pressing needs right now. Both are slow going right now, I have to finish the editing for the second half of the second chapter and the first half of the third chapter by the 12th of August, when my writing group meets again.

This weekend? Write-a-Thon! Me getting together with the others in the writing group and just working. I am hoping to get a chapter or maybe two done for The Show Must Go On – which I think I am getting to the good part of the main character investigating his allegations of his wife’s infidelity. Whether it’s true or not, I am going to leave that up to the reader. It’s a balancing act keeping everything in the shadows.

Anything else of interest? I’m going to see the movie Nope tomorrow. What did you think about it, if you’ve seen it? I like Jordan Peele and his particular brand of horror, but I think the trailers have left very little to be revealed. It’s getting to the point where I’m going to have to avoid most major media just to get an unvarnished view of a movie or TV show. I can’t look at my YouTube feed without breakdowns of movies or TV shows I haven’t watched yet (New Rockstars – I’m looking right at you…). Gaah!

Well, that’s all for now. I do have to get some writing done while I’m at my Dreaded Day Job. I hope everyone has a good day and stays out of the rain.

2 thoughts on “The Five Hundred and Twenty-fifth Post: The One Where I Shake My Fist at My Over-active Imagination and Big Media!

  1. Mama Crow and Catie saw “Nope” and said it’s a good summer monster movie. I saw the previews and said “Nope” is well-named (can’t bear screaming horses or any other animal. Humans, yeah, but not horses)

    Royal Road sounds similar to the Old Bards’ Village — as in, a place to get feedback before publication. I miss the Old Village sometimes. Those were good times

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