The Twenty-first post: The One I Do From My Bed…

Hello along. This going to be a shorter one than last night’s because there is too little going on and my Internet connection is poo. So, I have downloaded WordPress on my phone, but there is no way in Hell I am going to type 500 words on a Galaxy S phone. Not to say that it’s a bad phone.  The fact that I can blog here is a testament to the versatility of this little thing. Rather, I am crashing from the exhaustion of all my caffeine reserves and I want to be able to add some more to my commonbook before I go to sleep tonight. If we must rejoice in something — rejoice in that the chain is unbroken and that the magical post #28 approaches with some luck soul is getting a shout-out. Also, rejoice in that the spellchecker for my phone isn’t going lie next to me in the bed crying… much like my Word Office.

Good night, Gentle Reader – if there is good news, I will tell it to you tomorrow.

Seething Apathy

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