The Twenty-Sixth Post: The One Where I Have My Sally Field Moment…

I went to the Writer’s Meeting (only three minutes ahead of schedule because some woman decided to pay for her gas in coins…coins…, I should have been there at least 25 minutes early, between that and my GPS getting wonky on me, what should have been an easy 20-25 minutes to enjoy a late breakfast and a little time alone ended up being a quick ‘throw down the drinks and save the Twinkies for later) yesterday – and they liked me! They like the first chapter of the novel I had written (or at least the first part of it – its 9K words) and they did have some minor things to be done to the manuscript (all good things, and I will definitely use them). They meet on the third Saturday of the month, so I have a good amount of time to get another section drawn together. Don’t know if I am going to continue with the novel or bring something shorter.

The money is still in transit, but I also sent out the anthology – if all goes well, I can still get everything out by the expected deadline and hopefully get another anthology scrapped together – perhaps find another four decent short stories and introduce a second volume. After all – agents and publishers are using self-publishing places like and Barnes and Noble like the NFL uses college football programs (a free AAA minor league). There’s one writer out there who is making $200,000 a year off of Amazon and she just got a $2 million contract now that she had a fan base in place. I’m not complaining – I’m doing the same thing, but I just need to work a lot faster. I need to focus on something and get it finished soon. If I can crank out 4 volumes of the short story anthology for this year (9/11-9/12), I should be able to generate enough cash to pay for editing of the novel project.

This is going to be an odd week for me – I work an hour early tomorrow, get off early as well, regular shift Tuesday and I am off on Wednesday, then regular shift Thursday and Friday… then a black, black Saturday: 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, then come back at 5:30 and work until 11:30. I need the overtime this week, just so that I can start saving up for the editing of a novel. So, last Saturday (and I only had three hours of sleep that day!) was my last good hurrah for a while. On the upper side – I have a three day weekend coming (Labor Day!), so I intend to completely relax on that day. It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. We did have a period of summer like weather but that was only a couple of months and now we’re coming back down to more reasonable temperatures. It’s still summer, mind you and I am not going to be happy until we’re back down to 70’s or even the 60’s.

Well, I should be getting to bed so I can get a decent nap before I go into work for the longest week. Maybe with some of the overtime, I’ll get Promethium and Changeling and star my “Here’s Why I Should Be Writing for White Wolf” blog.

Good Night Gentle Readers, I hope your work week is better than mine.


Seething With Apathy

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