The Sixty-Ninth Post: The One Where I Tell You To Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter Right Now…

Really… that whole ‘people think about sex every seven seconds’ was meant to be a bit of trivia, not a goal. J

The Opening Ceremonies are Friday night and I can watch them on my computer at work! Finally, I can watch something decent! Sound is going to be an issue because I will have to plug in headphones, but I am also going to record it here at home – I want watch it here, then come home and watch it with sound actively turned on. The sports themselves I don’t really need sound. I just need to set up recording times and bask in the warmth that is the Olympics. When I erased Battlestar: Galactica (with the understanding I would buy the series on DVD) my recorded space went from 60% to 40%. I knew that digital channels took up more space than analog, but wow – I didn’t think a whole series would take up 20% of the DVR’s memory. Lesson to be learned: analog is still king.

My novel lurches towards its ending. I have written one of the major scenes and I am now concentrating on the aftermath… which gave me a good idea for another series in that same world as it were, or that world in the future. I am sticking with my task however of getting this novel finished so I can move on to the next one. Thank God I have that commonbook – otherwise I would go mad with trying to remember everything. Of course, I still have the issue of writing things down when I have the time. This is why I am thankful for my work’s rather liberal policies about restroom usage – if I had to actually relieve myself as often as I make myself out to do… I should see a doctor.

Today is Wednesday. Halfway through the week, I keep telling myself. Today is going to top out (as far as temperatures go) at 104 degrees. Yikes! Did I also forget to mention that my car has no A/C? I know I should get it fixed, but it’s going to be about $200.00 dollars and I need that money to go towards an artist for the book. Maybe I will get the A/C fixed with the first set of royalties (after the celebratory dinner of course). Thankfully, the tires have been replaced (grumble) and I am not due for another oil change until I get paid again (further grumble). I’m starting to see the value of horses – and being as someone who had to muck their stables, that should be an indication of how much this car is killing me.

Well, that’s about it for now – there will be other things to comment on eventually, but I have to get Anya back to the pub to cure everyone eventually – the plot marches on as it were. Stay cool and have a mice day.



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