The Seventy-Fourth Post: The One Where I am Reminded Why I Need to Finish This Novel…

First day back at work… and I have got to get this novel finished soon. There is no other way about it. If it’s not the people I have to talk to on the phone, it’s the people I have to talk to at work. They want us to give people confirmation numbers, but not enough time to finish the notes so we can give them confirmation numbers. To say that I work in a madhouse would be an insult to people who actually work in madhouses. I would quit, but I need to have money to pay for things… expensive things (like not getting the NFL Channel anymore) and I am not ready to part ways with my phone yet. So, I will grin and bear it, but the second I get books out there and hit the magical amount where I can quit for one year and live off of the royalties, I am gone.

OK – enough of the venting. The poisoning scene is wrapping up, so next is the ‘advice from Poppa’ scene, to be followed by the final showdown and Anya’s decision. Moe than likely, this scene is going to have a lot of re-writing ahead of it so I can get it just right. The ‘advice from Poppa’ and ‘the Scholars’ scenes are the two big scenes in the last third of the novel. I want to have them right before they go off to the editor. I am happy that this book is coming to an end and I will hopefully get to I/O Error and maintain that level of enthusiasm I have for it that I have for the current project. All I have to remember is that tone before I take the call at work. See? Inspiration is at hand.

I finally got to see some weightlifting (women’s – most of the events I’ve seen are women’s event. Are there any guys there?) and I have to hand it to the Thai weightlifters – they do not quit. Yes – it was too much. Yes – she wasn’t even a medal contender at that point, but she stuck it out and made the most of her appearances, even when she dropped the weight; she smiled and bowed. I must admit, I was crestfallen when I saw that. All I wanted to do was walk up to her and give her a hug. Sure, security would have dropped me or she could have handily thrown me into the crowd like a bag of garbage – it’s the thought that counts. I still have a couple of days left to watch, and I will more than likely glut myself from Friday night when I get home to Saturday night (that’s right, no sleep for 24 hours – it’s college all over again!). I will write during that time, but more than likely I’ll end up taking some naps during the events I am not too crazy about.

Well, I should head off to the novel. Hope everyone has a good day.


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