The Seventy-Third Post: The One Where I Will Actually Go To Work Today…

OK – I am now feeling well enough to go into work… which means I am going to have to come up with one more excuse and use up all my sick days. Any suggestions? No? Fine.

The Olympic coverage from NBC is not the best I’ve seen. The few sports I follow (or try to follow) are shown at the worst times and the ones I am blasé about are really the only things that are covered. I haven’t availed myself to the online coverage since I am not at work – but I will when I get the chance. When the Winter Games come, I will hopefully be working from home so I can drop everything and follow the game full time. I know I’ve said this before, but I really
love the Games. I’ve even stopped following my Twitter feed in the event of getting a spoiler from someone lucky enough to enjoy more coverage than me. For me, the world grinds to a halt every two years and I love it.

I am however, going to split my attention between weightlifting and the novel. Thank God for laptops. I have finally gotten everything set up in my head as far as Anya’s particular issues. I just need to get down on paper as it were. I am still aiming for a Christmas debut and will work to get I/O Error for a later October release and drop another volume of 4 Bits and a Dollar in between. I have three ideas in mind; I just need one more to complete it and try to get that finished so some more pocket change (I’m not kidding on this one, so far I’ve only made $7.00 with it). This one is going to be better than the last one, now that I know how to make a real table of contents. Might even try to design my own cover, but I will actually follow through with actually making it. I am really trying to make an effort to get through the novel, but there is only so much I can do in a day… until I do this full time. That’s my goal – write full time.

I am going to get a Nook Color this week for one major reason: it has a word processing app that can work with MS. While, yes, this Color is going to be nothing more than an entertainment suite for me (might even indulge in HuluPlus for the heck of it), I will have 30 minutes at work to read and maybe sketch out some ideas. I might also get a Kindle Fire for the magazine subscriptions and make it closer to an e-reader than the Color. I might have some pictures when all is said and done. For now, it’s going to be back to work while waiting for the weightlifting competition – I did get to see the women’s weightlifting – did you see the woman from Thailand in the 56 Kg event? Such a little thing picking up… well… half of me in the clean and jerk event. She dropped the weight and looked so crestfallen about it, I wanted to walk up to her and give her a hug and a pat on the back to tell her to try again.

Well, I’m off to try to salvage this day. Good luck to you.


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