The One Hundred and Thirty-Third Post: The One Where I Remind Myself To Take A Deep Breath…

The plumber is coming.  Which means I get to remind myself that I can freak out privately when he’s gone.  Sorry, I don’t like strangers in the house to the point of insanity, but the plumbing needs to be fixed.  So, between that and the few hours of sleep I’ve been getting, this is not going to be the best of days.  Time to double (or even triple?) down on the Pepsi Max (you listening, guys?) and smile on the phone.

Well, the writing has dropped to a crawl thanks to the extra hours.  This weekend, I am committed to finishing the last of the re-writes and maybe getting someone new to read it.  I’ve got to get back with the artist and give my notes concerning the cover art.  After that, I need to get the websites set up and get it uploaded.  I will be happy to get that novel finished so I can give I/O Error my full attention and get it finished before the end of spring. I’ve read from another successful self-published writer that you have to manage a book a year.  I am fairly certain I can do more than that.  Of course, she writes erotica, so I would imagine she’s going to be a little more popular as it were.  I can give that a shot… under a pseudonym obviously.  Which means I’ll have to read erotica to get an idea as to what is expected and some sense of vocabulary.  Work, work, work. 🙂

I think the plumber is here, so I am going to sign off and quietly panic.

Seething Apathy