The One Hundred and Thirty Fifth Post: The One Where I’m Fiddling with the Thermostat Settings…

… there has to be a temperature between 0 Kelvin and Just After The Big Bang, right? Yes – old heaters are like toddlers: they’re more durable than you think, but they only have the two settings of full tilt and naptime. At least I have my shorts unpacked, so I can wear those inside. It’s all about comfort, isn’t it? It’s not like I’m going to have visitors dropping by at random times. Even the Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t stop by anymore. Sheesh – you open the door in a black robe with a blood stained knife and suddenly I’m
the neighborhood weirdo? I almost feel slighted. Oh, well.

I/O Error resumes regular work tonight. Monday was a bit of an unexpected slow day at work, so I’ve been working on a separate piece on my tablet. As always, when I work on one thing, ideas for other things pop up. I have a new idea for how Gail sees everything, so I might go on ahead and make the changes. The idea is best described as ‘Terminator-vision in print’. The re-write for the first novel is going to go on Saturday and I hope to have it finished then. I have another writer’s group meeting, so I might have to cut out some time from doing laundry (Oh, who are we kidding? When I say ‘doing laundry’, I mean this). I like the group. I’m getting some really good feedback on my work, and I am getting exposed to new restaurants. My new favorite? B.D.’s Mongolian Grill. If you haven’t been there, I highly suggest you go at your first chance. Back to I/O Error: the whole plot is basically man vs. nature (stretching the notion of man) or number 31 (stretching the definitions of ‘god’ and ‘man’). This is going to be a good book since I love to tweak tropes and plot points. I just got to get it finished. Maybe before February 2014 at this rate – just maybe.

Next weekend, I am going to venture forth into the Christmas crowds and do a little holiday shopping for others and maybe even catch a movie. I doubt Argo is still in the theatres (which is a shame), so I’ll go see The Hobbit instead. My Christmas plans are coming along – I might end up buying Cloverfield before Christmas since it’s an integral part of the holiday season. After all, nothing says ‘merry Christmas’ like this. OK – odd Christmas habit to be sure, but it works for me. If any faithful readers (all three of you) have movie suggestions, I will be more than happy to entertain them. All I ask is that it’s a horror film. Bonus points if it’s either J-horror or K-horror.

On another thing, I am considering dabbling in Apple products. They’re selling 1st Gen iPads for about $300.00 at Target. I figure that this is cheap enough (for Apple) that I can dip my toes into the system and if I am not satisfied, I haven’t plunked down a lot of cash. Of course, $300.00 is also the cost of having a website hosted for a year. So, I’ll have to prioritize things. I also need to get that tattoo I promised myself. We will see what I get as far as a paycheck goes and work from there.

Speaking of work – I need to get showered, dressed (yeah – apparently nudity is distracting at work… even more so for me) and off to work. I really hope that this Tuesday is a slow one.



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