The One Hundred and Thirty-Ninth Post: The One Where I Feel Sorry For The Shark This One Time…

With the show Surviving Zombies, I think the whole Zombie Apocalypse has finally jumped the shark. I’m just done with them as far as following anything new. I’m going to stick to The Walking
Dead and that’s about it. Personally, I hope that when the end that the Mayans predicted end comes, I hope it comes as meteorites, Planet X or zealously overfriendly kittens to kill me through my allergies – just something else other than zombies. I can understand the symbolism of the fear of zombies – we’re scared of the mindless mob, something that moves as an insensate collective without regard to anything else outside of itself. In this age of Facebook, Twitter and the Internet in general, we’re becoming less human and more of a set of collective data points. The zombie just gives us this in a tidy and disturbing visual form. I have a feeling that this zombie craze is going to start to die down after the New Year. Here’s to hoping we come back to our senses and fear robots again. Arnold could use the paycheck.

Speaking of robots… I/O Error continues along and I am going to skip ahead a little bit to write another ice cream scene: the airlock. This is one of the first scenes I envisioned when coming up with the central plot to the novel. I am looking forward to writing this scene and getting it out on paper. The other novel is going to have to wait for Saturday after the grocery shopping is done, but the good thing is that the re-writes (dialogue, getting rid of the idiot ball in one of the chapters) shouldn’t take any more than a day to a day in a half and then I will be done. In other good news, I have found a cover artist for I/O Error
here. The last thing I want to round up is an editor that can work with horror and/or sci-fi, but I am not going to get to that until the book is finished. I might go back to the editor that I used for the first novel if she’s willing, and this time I will actually pay her for her efforts this time. She was nice to take me up pro bono (which I think is Latin for ‘a lunch is owed’). I am working a little on other projects: The Pentateuch of Abel, Spooksayer and that series, and Tyro’s series – what I call my tent pole books. I have others as well: Valentina’s Feast, Graphic Love and Zeno’s Calendar to name a few… very few. I hope to be busy for a while with all of this. Maybe one day (just to aid my slipping memory), I’ll list all the projects and a rough status report.

Christmas continues along – I am getting the last of the shopping lists done and I will soon be able to indulge in one of my traditions:

Obviously, there is going to be more than just this. It’s Christmas, not Lent.

After that will be getting Cloverfield and The
Ruins to round out Christmas. I am going to have fun. I hope you all do, too. Now I have to go shower. Y’all take care.



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