The One Hundred and Eighty-Fifth Post: The One Where I Shake My Fist At Big Blue and Keep Yelling “BEST BUY! You Bastard!”

Since I cut the cable I need to have a digital antenna so I can watch live TV (especially football in the fall). Yesterday, I went to Best Buy to see about how much a digital antenna would be (answer: about $30-$60) and whether or not it would work (“Sure, you’re close enough.“). So, when I get paid I’m going to get the antenna and get back broadcast TV. This is not the reason why I’m shaking my fist at Best Buy and getting odd looks. Just because I finished sooner than I expected, I thought I would look around at the computer section… you know… daydreaming. I saw the ChromeBook – an interesting little thing.

It was across a crowed tabled aisle when I saw it. It sat there, winking at me and saying ‘hey, sailor’. I floated to the table to pick it up. Light, responsive to my slightest touch, it was everything in a tablet that I never knew I wanted. I got my federal rebate a couple of weeks ago – the money that the government deigned to give me – and I had about $300.00 left over after doing a couple of house repairs. Luckily for me, I didn’t have it with me or I would be writing on how much I love my new tablet.

Do I need a new tablet? No, not really. I have a laptop, a PC and a net-top and Kindle Fire and an oft-ignored Nook Color. It’s got the same operating system as my smart phone and the same memory size. I don’t even need a ChromeBook (I have some reservations about something that requires a constant Wi-Fi connection to work), but I have to admit I was giving it a lingering gaze. I’m just a gadget-slut. I do need the antenna. I don’t need the tablet.

But I want it. I want it so bad I’m counting down the days until I get paid. Since this is the cable payment check, I am going to have a little bit more than normal, so the tablet (and the ChromeBook if I am feeling adventurous) is within reach. I also need to set some money aside since I am getting ready to switch banks. Something odd is happening with my messages from NetSpend – I am not getting them. I really don’t know what my balance is without getting on the computer… which I could do right now. Hey – I still have money! I am going to still join a real bank. I’ll just use the NetSpend card for reoccurring subscriptions.

Lest anyone here think I have gone completely off my rocker – I have begun outlining Tyro’s first novel and it’s going great. I have to admit that I like Scrivener. For a writing program, it’s fairly simple to use and it allows me to keep everything together and at my fingertips. It’s worth the $40.00 I spent. Too bad they don’t have a version of it for Android.

Well, off to do other things. Have a good day everyone.


Seething Apathy

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