The Two Hundred and Sixty-Fourth Post: The One Where I Relay The Best News Ever…

If you would please look to the right of the blog (unless you’re reading this from your email, then please go to the blog site and look to the right), you will notice that there are two new entries under ‘Stuff I have written’. Yes – the novel is finished and in print. If you’re reading this through the e-mail, here are the links for you:

The Quietest Heart link for Amazon (Kindle):

The Quietest Heart link for Quietest Heart (CreateSpace):

4 Bits and a Dollar link for Amazon (Kindle):

I included 4 Bits and a Dollar
in this list merely because I finally did the cover art for it…and I am mildly surprised about who well the picture came out. Not bad for a point-n-click, if you ask me. I know I haven’t blogged for a while but I have been working getting the last of this down and ready. I am so happy, you have no idea. No, I take that back. You do have an idea, Dear Reader. You’ve been with me in the beginning and with me to the end. Thank you for your support.

Since I am done with that novel, I am moving on to outlining I/O Error and still working in Unbound and I had an idea for a sequel for The Quietest Heart involving two of the main characters (only because my beta reader liked them more than the main character) involving a royal family, murder and lines of succession – y’know, kids’ stuff. I might babble about this one here on the blog as I want to make this one as original as possible. So, brace yourself for time in the Maximum Fun Zone!

Wow – I seriously can’t believe the idea that the novel is done. I’ve been working on it for years and at several points, I didn’t think I was going to finish it. What’s better, I am getting some sales, so I know that this isn’t a fluke like I thought the first one was. This has also given me a lift as far as getting Tyro’s novel done. I am definitely going to have it finished by the end of March – especially since I am about halfway through it. I am getting ready to take out another member of the group and hopefully get them back moving to the next major city. I’m not sure if I want them in one of the major cities like Solvig (think of Chicago) or another smaller town? I’ll think about that, since it’s going to be the last time we see them in any sort of peril. I should also get the outline for I/O Error finished. I’m stuck in the third act and trying to get them to the next big scene. It’s just something I am going to have to work out in my head at work.

So – I’ve had a good few weeks and a great start to the New Year. I hope y’all have a better start than I did. Thanks for reading and as always, feel free to leave a comment.



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