The Two Hundred and Sixty-Third Post: The One Where I Am Just Counting Down The Hours…

I haven’t gotten anything back from the artist, yet even though I paid the invoice. I know I’m impatient in this regard, but I’ve been telling everyone that the book is going to be released tomorrow. What I may end up doing is using the samples she gave me to get things going and then replace them with the real ones when the art comes in. There also might be a delay in getting the stuff up, but it is going to go up on New Year’s Day…just not as early as I had hoped. The artist is someone who strikes me as professional, and to be honest – she did have to goad me once into getting her an updated word count, but I worked without sleep that one weekend to do it. I am going to not obsessively check my email every five minutes (ten minutes is really the better time period). I am just going to put this out of my mind and get back to Tyro’s novel.

Speaking of Tyro’s novel, it’s a little hard getting back into it since I was away for a while (mea culpa, ushabit.). I’m getting them to the second village, which will be far unkinder to them than the first one – not going to say how, but those that have read my material will know that something is going to happen soon. I am going to work on getting this one finished by the end of March and given that I’ve got a really good head start on it, I think this will be entirely feasible. One of the things I am working on in this book as far as mechanics go is trying to keep Tyro from being a Mary Sue. I do want her to shine sometimes (she is the main character after all), but I don’t want her to come off as some sort lame author avatar. Well, the first thing I should worry about if getting it finished and passing it to my beta readers to see if they get the Mary Sue vibe off of it.

Well, this year is now creeping down to hours remaining. I have a really good feeling for this year. I see what’s happening and I just feel warm and fuzzy…and not the ‘I am coming down with something’ sort of warm and fuzzy. I hope that this is a feeling that you are having or will have in the coming hours. I should get back to the novel, so I am going to cut this a little short. Thank you for reading and as always feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy New Year!



Seething Apathy

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