The Two Hundred and Sixty-Sixth Post: The One Where I Find The Downside To All This…

OK – the novel is done and I now have to work on ads. Here’s the thing, and I hope you all will keep this a secret. Lean in, because I am going to whisper this.

I don’t like this.

One job I had a while back was selling cars, and as you can guess – I wasn’t very good at it. Sales has a lot to do with convincing someone to want something. Here’s how I do it: here are the facts concerning this object/issue. You don’t like it? [Censored] off and stop wasting my time. I’m not a very social person. I talk to a few friends online and tend to only go outside the house if I have to get something. As a writer, this is a perfect build: don’t go anywhere and don’t spend a lot of money, so you’ll stay home and write and can live off of a smaller paycheck. As someone who has to sell things? Not really. I’m just not a social person.

Thank God for Facebook. I am working on using their ad system right now for the Kindle version through this week and next week when I get paid, I am going to use it for the paperback version next week. I want to give this a test and see if there are any more blips. I don’t really know what else to do as far as getting the word out unless I want to start using leaflet bombs. I’ve told friends (and you, Dear Reader) and I am putting out ads through Facebook and Project Wonderful. We’ll see what’s going on later on. Hopefully, by the end of the week, I can see some sort of improvement in sales. 3 sales on Kindle is good – 30 would be a lot better.

I have a new idea for a novel, so what I am going to do is split time between this one and Tyro’s novel. I am also going to work on the outline for the luck novel: the title is Cat, Rabbit and Clover. It’s a good movie idea, and I might write the screenplay as a lark as well. I am trying to write something a little lighter since Tyro’s novel has so many dark parts to it and Cat, Rabbit and Clover is meant to be a little lighter.

There is a long gap in the blogs, and I apologize. The pipes in the house burst, so I had to spend a few days in a hotel while work was done in the house. I grabbed my Chromebook (which doesn’t have any set up for the blog) and abandoned house. Not really happy, but at least the pipes are insulated now. Now, I can go back to saving some money up the get the floor of the bathroom re-done – it’s a sagging down in a couple of places… not really good.

I’ve got to head out for coffee and get to work on both of the novels. Thank you for reading and as always – feel free to leave a comment.



Seething Apathy

The Two Hundred and Sixty-Fifth Post: The One Where I Yell at DC Comics Like the Cranky Old Person I Am…

This link from io9 is not really what I wanted to see on my newsfeed. I’m not really one of those ‘one or the other’ people. I like X-Men and Captain America, but I also like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. I don’t read them as much as I would like to, but I try to at least follow the movies as often as I can. On some switching over to movies or TV, I can understand some things need to be changed just for the format. There are something that really don’t need to be changed – or should be changed at all. In Wonder Woman – there is no need to change anything. Yeah – Marvel copped out with Thor and said they’re not gods, but really, really, really advanced aliens. Why is DC doing the same thing with Wonder Woman? If DC really wanted to stand out – leave the Olympians in. Is DC afraid to offend the Christian Right? Guys – the fans are going to go see the movie regardless of politics, and the far right Christians aren’t going to go see it anyways. Is DC afraid of the unspoken implications of Olympians versus Jesus? OK. There is no need to explain it away unless it comes up in the script – and you don’t need to bring it up anyways. I’m not happy with the whole watering down of her abilities as well. Seriously? She stands toe-to-toe with Superman on a regular basis. There is no need to explain it away as a having a many-generations removed Kryptonian ancestor. Remember – Wonder Woman is basically fueled by the magic of the Olympians, which is also one of Superman’s weaknesses. Also I hope that DC remembers what Diana is ultimately: an ambassador to the World of Man.

Yeah – this calls for another ‘I Would Have Done It Differently’.

OK – I am going to workshop an idea for a novel I had that’s a sequel to my first novel (and no, I am never going to get tired of saying that! 😀 ). I am going to use Skein’s Glow and Wandersfar as mentor-like characters in the second one, giving them a little more visibility and expanding on their history together. The main story is one that I had worked on a time before this – no title, yet. The main plot is this: There is a kingdom (or a merchant house, since this will be on the Western coast of the land – either way, it’s someone with some influence) and in this kingdom/merchant house there are three children. The eldest (early 20’s) is a little flighty and a party animal – this one knows what’s going to happen when their father kicks off, so it’s time to live it up now before it gets real. The middle (late teens) is far more serious and studious – more of the Type A personality. The youngest (early teens) is friendly, happy-go-lucky and generally liked by everyone. Now – I’m thinking that the eldest and the middle should be daughters and the youngest would be a son. I’m just trying to feel out the expectations of the audience and subvert them. Maybe the eldest should be a son? Are we going to be impressed by a party animal son ‘getting serious’ about the death of the youngest, or would be more impressed by a young lady? I’m kinda thinking the eldest should be a daughter – expected to marry well and pop out kids (I know, I am such a romantic…), but the what about the middle? We’re telegraphing that this is the murderer, but the story isn’t who the killer is, but the unwilling transformation of the main character from overgrown teen to adult. If you think I’m worrying about the sex of the characters now, wait until I get to the names.

Here’s the breakdown so far: Eldest is female, next is male and the youngest is female, but I am open to changes in the middle. I want the middle one to at least have at first look as someone who is serious, but would never descend so far as to commit murder – especially murder of one’s family member. This is what I am hammering out right now. Feel free to leave a comment – it might even get used! Thanks for reading.



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The Two Hundred and Sixty-Fourth Post: The One Where I Relay The Best News Ever…

If you would please look to the right of the blog (unless you’re reading this from your email, then please go to the blog site and look to the right), you will notice that there are two new entries under ‘Stuff I have written’. Yes – the novel is finished and in print. If you’re reading this through the e-mail, here are the links for you:

The Quietest Heart link for Amazon (Kindle):

The Quietest Heart link for Quietest Heart (CreateSpace):

4 Bits and a Dollar link for Amazon (Kindle):

I included 4 Bits and a Dollar
in this list merely because I finally did the cover art for it…and I am mildly surprised about who well the picture came out. Not bad for a point-n-click, if you ask me. I know I haven’t blogged for a while but I have been working getting the last of this down and ready. I am so happy, you have no idea. No, I take that back. You do have an idea, Dear Reader. You’ve been with me in the beginning and with me to the end. Thank you for your support.

Since I am done with that novel, I am moving on to outlining I/O Error and still working in Unbound and I had an idea for a sequel for The Quietest Heart involving two of the main characters (only because my beta reader liked them more than the main character) involving a royal family, murder and lines of succession – y’know, kids’ stuff. I might babble about this one here on the blog as I want to make this one as original as possible. So, brace yourself for time in the Maximum Fun Zone!

Wow – I seriously can’t believe the idea that the novel is done. I’ve been working on it for years and at several points, I didn’t think I was going to finish it. What’s better, I am getting some sales, so I know that this isn’t a fluke like I thought the first one was. This has also given me a lift as far as getting Tyro’s novel done. I am definitely going to have it finished by the end of March – especially since I am about halfway through it. I am getting ready to take out another member of the group and hopefully get them back moving to the next major city. I’m not sure if I want them in one of the major cities like Solvig (think of Chicago) or another smaller town? I’ll think about that, since it’s going to be the last time we see them in any sort of peril. I should also get the outline for I/O Error finished. I’m stuck in the third act and trying to get them to the next big scene. It’s just something I am going to have to work out in my head at work.

So – I’ve had a good few weeks and a great start to the New Year. I hope y’all have a better start than I did. Thanks for reading and as always, feel free to leave a comment.



Seething Apathy