The Three Hundred and Eleventh Post: The One Where I Come Close to Being On Time (Ha!)…

So…I woke up this morning with the notion that I was going to head to the office and make up the missing 2,000 words from yesterday.  I was going to shower, fuel myself with some strong coffee and make some progress.

Instead, I snorted, rolled over and fell back asleep.  I’m fairly certain this is not how Stephen King starts his day…or maybe he does.  He can certainly afford to do these sorts of things.  After all, didn’t he say he was retired?  I think he did.  Well, he’s still cranking out books, so I wonder if his definition of retirement and mine are the same.

Speaking of being productive, I did manage to get down to the office and get about two thousand words done, and I managed to get the First Act completed.  Now all that needs to happen is the main character (Kevin) needs to go on his first (not-a) date with Jennifer.  Yes, these are placeholder names for the most part.  Kevin is a little close to my real name to be comfortable to me, but I can’t keep on using ‘protagonist’ in the rough draft.  All in all, I am still liking this book enough to not ditch it for any of the other ideas I have.

For anyone here obsessing with my maintaining this blog (just me, right?), I will try to have at least six days a week.  Sunday was a mess because it was Sunday and Saturday was a little complicated because that’s the only time I have to do any chores (if you saw my place, you’d understand…then call the heath department to have it condemned).  So, I am still going to try to maintain this little slice of surreality.  Five days minimum, but if I get a Saturday or a Sunday in, sweet!  Any suggestions on topics will be appreciated…except politics.  If you’re really, really curious about my stances on any and all hot-button issues not related to writing, please reach out to me through e-mail.  This is strictly a writing blog (ha-ha-ha).

Speaking of writing, one of the things I am having to consider is how I am marketing.  Right now, it’s an easy thing to consider: I’m not doing it.  Yeah, I have a Twitter account, but it’s chock full of friends, book tweeting services, people who I wonder if they’re just not just grabbing people randomly and various stars.  I might be projecting my own disdain for this onto my own efforts.  I just see these ads for books and think: meh.  Then again, I also tweet out that I have books, and I don’t see a bump in sales from it.

As you can see, I am a horrible sales person in a job where being a sales person is the only way to thrive.  I honestly don’t know how to generate sales, and frankly — I’m afraid to ask simply because I’ve already been taken for a ride about these sorts of things once.

Well, I’ll look at all of this fresh in the morning.  Tomorrow is another day to change for the better.  A fresh start!  A bright new day…to snort, roll over and fall asleep again.



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