The Three Hundred and Twelfth Post: The One Where I Try To Ride Out The Unsexy Writer’s Cycle

Hello everyone.  I’m a bit bummed today, and I have noticed that there is pattern to my productivity:

1) The apex — I can do this. Two thousand or three thousand words is no problem,  I can make this work.  This phase lasts for a couple of days…a week at the most.

2) The negative grade — I can get out two thousand words, but my focus is a little scattered.  I can still make this work, but it’s gonna be work.  This lasts for a couple of days.

3) The bottom — Why am I deluding myself?  Getting a hundred words is a miracle.  Two thousand?  Right… Am I making a mistake in chasing this? Nth is lasts for a couple of weeks, then I begin the long climb up.

To quote Jim Butcher: I don’t have a muse. I have a mortgage.  I’m the sort of person that needs to have everything in its mental place and a mental place for everything.  I’m not big on surprises or uncertainty.  Right now, I am taking all that I can with this job change (pro writer) and getting settled into a nice routine.  I’m hoping that with the routine set, I can free myself up to write, get a couple of books finished and maybe expand my financial base (more on that later).

Sorry that this isn’t the sexy writer talk that I usually come up with, but this blogging process is more than a roundabout way for me to hawk my wares.  It’s to get into a good routine and get my headspace sorted out.  It does take some training for me to put my thoughts on paper.  I do tend to hold things close to the chest, and that at times might hinder the creative process.  For example, the main character in The Lard Of Love is getting ready to have his second encounter with the female lead, and it’s a little nerve wracking to write because I am drawing from my own experiences, so I’m having to relive some personal and embarrassing memories.  It’s all good — if I can make the main character’s unease palpable then it will be worth it.

Changing topics — I watched a documentary about the Magic: The Gathering Pro tour (I think it’s called “Enter the Battlefield”) and I was watching these people play a game and work their up the ranks to be the best in the world, I kept feeling that there was a story to be told there.  Whether it’s a piece of fiction or following someone from the local card shop all the way up…there is a story there.  I can’t explain the feeling only other with saying that my brain was saying over and over again “This would make a great story.”  I’m sure some of you have felt that feeling.  That mental itch that burrows down past your consciousness and takes up residence in your subconscious.  I am going to toss this one and the way back burner.  Right now, I have to finish my current project and get to the one I really want to do for this year.

Well, I should get some sleep since I have to get up early in the morning to make my routine work.  Thanks for reading this, and I promise that my next post will be a more pleasant read for you.



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