The Twentieth Post: The One Where I Say “Ohmigawd! Three In A Row!”

Hello, all – this is indeed the third posting in as many days – could this be a trend? Who knows? Right now, I am enjoying a podcast I picked at random through Stitcher. I also finally found an editor for a collection of my best four short stories to be sold on a Kindle for a buck. So, I am hoping to get something out before the end of September. I think that a buck is a good price for four short stories (about 14K words). Anyhow, finally finished the mead just a few seconds ago – don’t think it’s going to take the place of my beloved absinthe any time soon, but I would pick it above Monty Python’s Holy Grail… not that the ale wasn’t bad, but it’s not as sweet as I like my drinks. Sadly, I am not drunk enough to feel it. Thanks, absinthe.

I am still very much pumped about getting the Kindle stuff together. On the next shout-out episode, I am going to give the website a big shout-out. So far, the site is highly recommended and the rates seem to be reasonable (in British pounds).

I’m sorry that this particular blog is going to be short, but I am rather tired from work, mead and coasting down on the idea of finally getting published.

There will be more.


Good night, Dear Reader.


Seething Apathy

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