The Twenty-second post: The One Where I Say… Am I There Yet?

… and by there I mean ‘paid’? Well, I hammered out the details with the woman in the heeled tights holding a hot iron and I found the value of a strong dollar. $211.00 for editing services, and I hope that it all works out. By works out, I mean gets me enough to afford her services for any one of the several novels I have a mind to write. If it does work out, she will definitely be getting a shout-out.

To other things – away!

Work continues to exasperate me. I really had to wonder what sort of criteria they use to dispense the goods and services we provide. One would hope that it’s a little more than ‘do we have a pulse? Can they sign on the dotted line?’ I doubt that, though, given the people I have to talk to on a daily basis. This Friday, I get to work an additional hour – meaning an additional 2 and a half hour to be sucked away from my weekend.

Sorry – don’t mean to gripe about work. Really, other than waiting to get paid so I can hire the editor to get everything squared away for the anthology, there is nothing else to say. I did find out that not only can I self-publish on the Kindle, but I can also do it on the Nook. They ask for a little more money when it comes to pricing, but hey – it means I can get my stories out there to twice as many markets. I can even have one pseudonym exclusive to Nook and the other one to Kindle – don’t know which one gets what. I only have the three, so someone may end up getting both – maybe the big one. I also have to admit, now that getting published is drawing near to me, I’ve been getting a lot of ideas. There is one novel series I was working on and I was convinced that I would only get maybe two or three other novels – ends up the whole series can be stretched out to at least seven if the fans will have it… and that’s the one that can be the most open ended. The others that have definite beginnings, middles and ends need to be worked on some more, but hey – at least these things will see the light of day. Great time to be alive, everyone – have your coca, don’t fret over your Yurt and try not to get epoxy on your fingers. Don’t get chained to what makes you woe.

With the beginning of the pre-season football season (also called ‘let’s cripple the newbies’), I look forward to my hapless team perhaps breaking even for a change. Well – maybe a little less than even, but hey – miracles can happen. I might get off early tomorrow from work. Believe it or not, it’s been known to happen. I’m telling you – never look for logic, reason or sense in a call center it ain’t gonna happen.

A last note to leave you with: there is a big spider on my window.

Yes, I know that has all the clarity of a Bigfoot picture. To give you a good idea as to how big this thing it – from tip of rear leg to tip of front leg is an inch. Yes – an inch. I want to get a better picture of it, but its dark outside and I have no camera with a decent flash, so I had to use a flashlight. If it’s still there in the morning when I get up, I’ll get a better picture for you. Maybe you can tell me what it is and how best to kill it. I’d spray it, but it looks like it would use bug spray for perfume.


Sweet Dreams, Gentle Reader – in spite of the fact that Lloth has taken up residence on my window.


Seething Apathy

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