The Thirtieth Post: The One Where I Pretty Much Tell You Who I Am

Well – it finally got on line. You can find it here. So far, I’ve had at least 5 sales (totaling $2.12 cents) and ePub is still dithering about. Something about my social security number not matching the IRS records. If worse comes to worse, I’ll just try to get a tax ID number and try that. I’m trying not to stress out over it, but it would be nice to another stream of income. With the anthology behind me, I can now focus on my big novel project… if I can find some uninterrupted time. What’s killing me is that by the time dinner is done, dishes are cleaned, I have maybe 30 minutes at best to write something, and I have some interference — a bedridden honey handing me a thorn and wilt salad almost as soon as I walk through the door at times. By the time that everything is done, I am too tired to really get something done – hopefully having the book out there will help me get some money and get out of where I am working now.

On to other things: Nook finally got their act together: it’s here. Only took two phone calls, three re-typings of my name and a solemn oath that I am an American citizen. A good friend of mine forwarded the link I supplied to his friends; I am hoping that it’s going to translate into some sales later on. The novelty of all this has as of yet to really wear off. Of course, now that I have one thing out there, I must follow it up… with what, I have no idea. I’ve got a few good ideas in my common book that I am going to flesh out. Oh – I also got Changeling: The Lost. I like the themes in this particular game – way, way, way better than the earlier incarnation. I’m going to get Promethean next… and I am considering getting Geist and seeing if I can fold it into the current idea or have it branch off into something else. Who knows? I can only hope that this will get me something – a freelance gig or something. I’ll even take a half-eaten cheese sandwich – just something to show for my efforts.

Nothing much else here of note – just trying to find a fourth short story so I can get started on the second volume of “4 Bits and a Dollar” and have that done in 6 months (looking at a March deadline for publication, with an eye for 4 volumes to be put into dead tree version for wider selling). I also joined a Kindle message group in hopes of getting some more sales. Yes – I hate sales people, but hey – if I want to get out of where I am now, I need to put forth all efforts – “Who Dares, Wins”.

I am off to bed – sleep well one and all.


With all sincerity to you, Good Reader,

Seething Apathy