The Thirty-First Post: The One Where I Complain About A TV Show and Mull Over Something…

OK – I just finished the premiere if “The Walking Dead”. If this is one of Darabont’s episodes, I can see why he was let go. If not, they why did you let him go? This is kinda going a little further away from the comic book series, but not ‘It’s the CDC! We’re saved!’ far away. While I understand that they want to have some distance from the series, but… come on, man. I’ll have to re-read the series, but I don’t think that happens. I’m also trying not to say anything out right in case someone reading this blog hasn’t seen the series. Here, let me put the main part of my argument in white text and hope none of it goes awry:

Stealth text to follow – spoilers for both the series and the comics:

Carl getting shot through a deer? Is this some sort of way of trying to establish that we’re neither Darabont’s nor Kirkland’s ‘Walking Dead’? In the series, I know that Carl gets a bullet to the head in the latest volume, but are we going to have him shot this early? Does this mean that they’re not going to have the Governor? That’s the only thing I want to see. Not the Prison, certainly not the Town until much later on (it gets its horror from the idea that in the middle of this madness, there is an island of normality… and our intrepid group – which has survived much worse – won’t stay happy long here.) in the series. Like I said earlier, I would have to read the series again – I remember Carl getting shot only once.

Stealth text done.

Well – the book is still chirping along. Thanks to my writer’s group, I was able to get at least one more sale. Someone however gave a bit of advice that she had gleaned from some other side: if I want to have my book sell better – make it free. Now, given that this book really is nothing more than a way to get my name out there and to see what all entails. I am understand about visibility – the higher something is rated, the more visible it is – and if it’s only a $1.50 and it is ranked way above 150,000 – it might generate more hits. Really, I have no notions that this is going to be a huge hit – that’s for the novels, but this will at least get my name out there, which is what I am looking for. So – with that in mind, I’m going to let it ride until after my break. It goes free and then I work hard to get a novel finished. I guess the need for visibility should take a higher priority. With any luck, one can feed the other. It’s still on the Nook, so maybe I can keep it paying there and use the visibility of the Kindle to get more sales. But not until after November 8th – I really want to get some cash off of the book club. Hey, I love the business, but it’s still the business.

Well, sweet dreams to you Gentle Reader.


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