The Thirty-Third Post: The One Where I Assume the Party Escort Submission Position

The balloons have gone, the indictments have been submitted and The Hague is meeting in secret – my birthday was a success! I was taken out to Red Robin and had their burger (I recommend the Bacon Cheeseburger with Cheddar) along with some sweet potato fries – tasted really good actually. I was somewhat surprised at the taste. For presents:

The Cinnamon Sugar Kettlecorn is amazing! It’s like Cinnamon Toast and Kettlecorn had drunken sex and decided to keep the baby anyway. The book Gun: A Visual History is going to be used a great dear for research into some of my other novels. The Forbidden Kingdom is one of my favorite films – Jackie Chan and Jet Li are both outstanding actors in this movie and it was a visual treat to watch work. Yeah – I love HK films (one of my favorite ones is The Bride with White Hair).

Anyway – enough of that – I am on Vacation until the 8th of November when I return here (I took that short movie to show people something. If you look, we start at GEM and go through Research, Banks, Merchant Services, Quality Control / Retention and end up at Tech Support, then reverse that route. Notice that everyone else has some cutesy little Hallowe’en ornaments and we don’t? You know why? We have a job to do and no time to hang tchotchkes). During this time, I am going to try to get something going, something finished and something limping – with all luck, I won’t be the limping.
I am going to run down and get the ravioli for tomorrow and – oh, I need to tell you this: I found something called a chocolate stout. I am not a huge fan of beer, but I am definitely going to try this out Monday after the work out. I have also ordered a bottle of Gold 68 and I should get it soon – hopefully before I have to go back to work. I have a good idea for a novella in my head and I want to have the time to really get it out on paper and get it neatened up and posted on Kindle before summer. I have confidence in my abilities. The quiet will help, too.

On the TV front, I finally finished up Doctor Who and got in the premiere of Sons of Anarchy. This is going to be a good season for our friends at SAMCRO – with both the King and Crown Prince deciding to leave after they make enough money to step down. The staff and actors do a really good job of paining them as a close knit band of brothers that we root for, but I am trying to remember where I’ve seen the actor who plays the DoJ lawyer – oh, wait! He’s the pastor from Deadwood! This is going to be a great season, then!

Well, dinner is almost burned and I still have to watch another episode of SoA before I break down and get to work on the novella with the current title of “I/O Error”.


Until later, Good Reader

Seething With Apathy