The Thirty-Second Post: The One Where I Lay Out My Birthday Vacation Plans While Listening to GWAR…

That’s right one and all – I am going to be on vacation starting at 4:00 PM this Friday and not come back to jib myths about the toy pins on unsuspecting towns that are sly to a cinematographic folly. I am looking forward to it for a lot of reasons:

  1. No more getting up a half-hour before God to get ready for work. It’s bad when I consider waking up at 8:00 sleeping in.
  2. Getting a project done for a change (anyone out there who’s actually subscribing to this blog – any suggestions?)
  3. Perhaps getting caught up on some of my overdue series (Doctor Who anyone?)
  4. Hey – it’s a vacation on my Birthday! I also get paid this week – might see if I can get some glorious add-ons for my X-Box.

I haven’t looked at Amazon or Barnes and Noble (I am going to link them however), but I am going to make this statement: I can see where an agent would come in handy. Getting these little stories out there is going to cost me more money… money which I am not going to spend on this anthology until I have volumes 2-4 done and bound together in one story. I think the advertising money would be better spent on a novel. A novel which I should try to at least either finish (with one) or get at least half way through (with the other) – and I might even get a steadier schedule for this blog. I’m not going to turn this blog into a commercial for anything I do – it’s more of a combined therapy and resume.

Speaking of volumes 2-4, I do have three short stories to get written up. I just have to keep on hammering it out in my head.

Oh – note to advertisers: a rain montage in a commercial about a colon cancer center? That’s just wrong.

The Walking Dead and Dexter are going along in some nice directions. I like seeing Dexter having to grapple with matters of faith and its unspoken implications for what Dexter does as a hobby. I also like his slide box falling and becoming jumbled (with one slide being broken!) as a metaphor for what’s happening to him this season so far – I just wonder if the broken slide is an indication of his faith in science being broken, or his notion of him being a monster destroyed by Brother Sam. Who knows? We’ll have to watch.

The Walking Dead is showing some signs of breaking away from the comic, but there is a scene (baby seat) that really throws the whole ‘zombie apocalypse’ thing back in our face. As someone who doesn’t shock or scare easily… I find that one scene – not even over a minute – is the most disturbing scene of the series so far, and serves as a reminder that this is indeed a horror story: not everyone is going to get their happy ending.

Well, there is little other news right now – I did find a place (previously mentioned here) that sells pasta by the sheet, so I am going to make some ravioli to get ready for the Thanksgiving experiment. I am also going to buy a bottle of Gold 68 when I get paid again and drink it down during vacation. I love Gold 68 because you can mix it with any citrus drink (I prefer lemonade) and there is no taste. Better still, you don’t need to add sugar to it (unless you have a sweet tooth like me).

I am going off to bed, so I wish everyone a good night. 7 days and counting.



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